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Loading Bay Equipment

The design and condition of your loading bay is crucial in the productivity of the loading bay. Ensuring safe and efficient deliveries and distribution of raw materials and products. Which in turn is vital to the smooth operation of the rest of your business.

If you’re looking at building a new loading bay, or upgrading an existing operation, it’s important to get the right advice from industry experts.

And that is where we come in! Our team here at Bridge Door Systems have years of experience within the business security sectors and we have in depth, industry knowledge in order to help design and create a loading door system that works for your site needs.

BDS will take a look at a number of factors. For instance: the range, type and size of vehicles that will be using the bays, what goods are being loaded/unloaded, what weights will be travelling across the dock levellers and if there are any temperature control conditions that need to be met. Getting this right from the start can save a lot of problems and expense later.

If the existing equipment is starting to get old and unreliable, or has signs of damage and excess wear. This will have an impact on efficiencies, and could also display a poor image. BDS can help with putting in place a maintenance regime and a planned replacement programme. This will make sure your equipment remains functional, safe, and looking smart.

However, BDS don’t just stop here. Bridge Door Systems offer excellent maintenance support and aftercare on all of our products, as well as repairs. Make your investment on Loading Bay Equipment, a smart investment!

BDS can provide the full range of dock levellers to suit your specific requirements. A swing lip leveller for when there are only standard size vehicles coming to your bays.  Or a telescopic lip leveller for when a greater range and reach is required.

There is also an edge of dock leveller for the occasional use, or where the existing building structure cannot accommodate a traditional dock leveller. All sizes and weight requirements can be accommodated.

Bridge Door Systems will assess everything, for instance: the vehicles being loaded and your material handling equipment. As well as the goods being transported, and any possible future changes before making any recommendations.

Getting the right type of seal for your specific requirements need not be complicated. If you just need basic weatherproofing, then a standard retractable or rigid frame shelter should suffice. If, however, you need to make sure that temperatures are controlled, or you need to stop pest ingress then a tighter seal may be needed.

This could be achieved with either dock seals or inflatable shelters (either fully inflatable or just an inflatable head cushion) or a bespoke combination design. Trailer types and sizes must be considered to make sure the shelters operate properly, and damage is reduced or eliminated.

Bumpers are essential in protecting your building fabric from the constant impact of heavy goods vehicles. Getting the right design is also very important.

Factors to consider include the height of the trailer beds, if the approach to the bays is level or sloped, the type of dock leveller installed and the impact on the warehouse operatives. BDS can supply the whole range from standard rubber to hard wearing nylon or UHMWPE, steel faced, sliding or rigid, sitting above dock level with support brackets, or with down-to-the-ground steel crash stands.

We can supply the full range of loading bay ancillaries. Wheel guides will help to make sure trailers are centered on the dock first time, and so saving time and reducing damage. Traffic lights to help with the communication between your operatives and the drivers outside. Physical and electronic interlocked options for vehicle restraints to keep your operatives safe from early departures. Trailer plates installed in front of the dock underneath the trailers’ standing leg to protect the concrete.

Bridge Door System’s engineers have an exceptional bulk of knowledge; making them the safest hands to be in. Offering versatility and flexibility, you will maintain full creative control, as the BDS team work towards your needs.