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Loading Bay Ancillaries

Bridge Door Systems can supply the full range of loading bay ancillaries. For over 30 years, our engineers have been working on loading bay ancillaries across North England. Being more than door system specialists, our team work within loading bays across the north, being flexible with our work. We can supply the full range of loading bay ancillaries.

These pieces of equipment includes, but is not limited too-

  • Wheel guides. These will help to make sure trailers are centered on the dock first time, and so saving time and reducing damage.
  • Traffic lights. The lights can be installed to help with the communication between your operatives and the drivers outside.
  • Physical and electronic interlocked options. This is for use on vehicle restraints, in order to keep your operatives safe from early departures.
  • Trailer plates. These plates will be installed in front of the dock underneath the trailers’ standing leg to protect the concrete.

If any of these strike you as important to your loading bay, get in touch! Bridge Door Systems are specialists when it comes to door and gate systems, including loading bays. Covering both the North East and North West, BDS will sort you out with a brand-new system.


Loading Bay Equipment

Loading Bay Equipment

Loading Bay Ancillaries are vital in the arrangement and later performance of your Loading Bay. Communication is a key component to any loading bay, and these will only add more emphasis to this.

Ancillaries will save you time and money, reducing the potential of any damage. In the most basic means, as well as due to the trailer plates protecting the concrete.

BDS understand that every business has different security needs and that’s why we make sure that every job we carry out is bespoke to that specific business. That’s why we also strive to provide the necessary accessories that your premises security needs.

Loading Bay Ancillaries

Our team here at Bridge Door Systems are experts in the external security sector. If you need some help or advice about which of our products would work best in your working environment.

Bridge Door Systems have two offices, one based in Radcliffe, Manchester and the other in County Durham. This means our engineers are able to cover the majority of the North West and North East of England.

To get in touch with our team, today, click here.