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BDS 1.95 R

BDS 1.95 R Door

The 1.95 R is an insulated roller shutter profile that has been specially created in order to have an impressively reduced weight. Not only is it extremely light (standard lath in 0.38 mm galvanized steel with a transparent coating is comparable in weight to a 1.100 D aluminium lath) but it also moves and works very quietly.

It’s our recommended choice for a roller shutter door when you’re in need of something with a low self-weight and small bale diameter. Not to mention it is available in a range of colour coatings.



The double-walled ISO-SL roller door comes with a patented hard/soft PVC inner shell that comes with its own specific advantages. The internal PVC slat has been built to have a slight curve which means the profile of the door moves extremely quietly. The new strips reduce noise even up to speeds of Vmax=1.7 m/sec.

We offer these roller doors in both small and medium, both with normal wind load and storm hooks can be installed. There is also a double-walled profile with plain surface and patented hard/soft PVC inner shell. No reverse coiling.