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Energy Efficient High Speed Doors

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we offer a wide range of high-speed, energy efficient doors. So whether you are looking to manage traffic, energy loss, temperature control, increase security or restrict personnel access to specific areas. Bridge Door Systems will have the solution to last you for years.

Our engineers have installed these kind of security doors in: light and heavy industrial sites, pharmaceutical & chemical factories, food establishment, logistics, retail & automotive to name a few. The exact type of door depends on the specific application and the conditions in which it is to operate. Most importantly, BDS standard range offers solutions for most situations, based on customer input.

Subsequently, Bridge Door Systems can engineer and tailor custom made solutions to satisfy and bespoke requirements you may have.

All of our high speed doors are available in a variety of standard colours & finishes. Finishes enabling our installations to seamlessly integrate into sites existing surroundings or match company corporate colours. Additional options such as vision panels are available in a number of shapes and sizes enabling users such as forklift trucks to ensure the doorway is clear prior to operation.

Doors are compatible with any access control system and can be operated in various ways including; push buttons, pull switch, radars, induction loops, remote control or dead man operation. Automatic Doors (not dead-man) will be installed as standard with safety brakes, safety photocells/light curtains. To conclude, BDS will ensure your system in fully compliant in line with current British standards/regulations.

Internal high-speed doors are ideal for frequent use whilst separating critical interior areas. High speeds and advanced safety systems combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance help control internal environments. Thus, improving reliability with regards operations.

Self-repairing doors are also an option for situations where the doors are constantly being hit. Thus, meaning it can considerably reduce annual costs of repairs/replacement doors.

External door systems are usually found at warehouse/industrial openings or areas with high usage requirements. Fabric high speed doors with high wind class ratings can be implemented on the perimeter of a building. Thus, managing traffic flows and create a more pleasant internal working environment whilst saving energy.
These door types are usually installed behind sectional doors or roller shutters which are used predominantly for security. Alternatively, Bridge Door Systems can provide high speed insulated solid mass doors. This means the customer will have the compromise between security & traffic management in one door.
Food & clean room environments are often the most demanding in terms of the criteria the door has to meet to satisfy hygiene regulations. Luckily, Bridge Door Systems are able to offer certified FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved door systems. Further, BDS install door systems with full stainless-steel guides/motor covers/canopies alongside control panel enclosures. With a high IP rating for areas where water ingress would be an issue.