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High Speed Doors – Internal Applications

Bridge Door Systems stock and install a wide range of internal high speed doors. Their doors have been specifically created in order to meet the many requirements that come with industrial and commercial properties. All of our high speed doors can be improved and supported by Internal Applications.

Every day, our engineers work with these High Speed Doors, thus know the ins and outs, from aftercare to installation. So you are in the most experienced and reliable hands possible for updating your High Speed Door System.


Internal Applications to update your High Speed Door Systems

These high speed door styles include variations optimised for high traffic areas. As well as food-grade hygiene environments, reduced air permeability clean rooms or the demands of a -20 degree cold room.

It is clear why they are so common in industrial estates. Being perfect for a warehouse/ showroom environment to protect your products and supplies. On top of excellent insulation services, most notably: acoustic and thermal.


What other upsides are there?

They’re also ideal for frequent use whilst separating critical interior areas. High speeds and advanced safety systems can be combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance. Which in turn help control internal environments & improve reliability in regards to operations.

Self-repairing doors are also an option for situations where the doors are constantly being hit. These can considerably reduce annual costs of repairs/replacement doors, as well as maintenance. If your work environment can become hectic, with traffic in-going and out-going, this is the solution for you.


There is nothing to worry about when you are relying on Bridge Door Systems. Helping you through each stage of the process, as well as providing excellent aftercare programmes.

Insulated Roller Shutters

Internal Applications for High Speed Doors

So if you’re looking for internal doors that are quiet and effective whilst also offering quick entries or exits and much more, then our high speed doors are exactly what you need in your premises. These Doors aim to prevent tailgaters and will definitely keep your facility safe from break-ins.

Internal Applications can massively help you in different scenarios, ensuring you get the most out of them. For example: Is your workplace too cold in the winter months? Extra insulation will most definitely be the Internal Application to solve this issue.

Even if you don’t have a new door system yet, it is worth planning out aftercare and internal applications now.

North West and North East Door Suppliers

Bridge Door Systems are both the North West’s and North East’s lead suppliers of door and gate systems. And we are considered the most reliable across the entire North of England.

Our security door installation and maintenance engineers cover the whole of the North West and the North East of England. If you would like some more information on our internal high speed doors or any of the products and services that we provide, please click here.