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Stay updated with Bridge Door Systems, with all of our latest blog articles, news stories, and press releases. Our articles are our way of helping customers to understand exactly what they are buying into, detailing uses, and all of the information needed for you to have an effective security door and gate system.

This will definitely come in handy when researching the exact system needed for your building and finding out exactly how we can help improve the security on your premises.

Which gives you a head start when it comes to the planning process, which is perfect for giving both you and our team a clear vision. The Bridge Door Systems‘ website has everything you need to know about modern door systems, so to begin the planning process, contact our team here

10 Jul: High Usage Car Park Shutters vs. Other Security Options

Don’t take risks with your commercial security solutions, instead select the right solution to guarantee both safety and organisation. Bridge…

10 Jul: The Importance of Commercial Door Systems in Business Operations

In the realm of commercial infrastructure, the Importance of Commercial Door Systems plays a crucial yet often overlooked role. They…

09 Jul: The Ultimate Guide to High-Speed Spiral Doors: Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

Introduction to High-Speed Spiral Doors In today’s fast-paced industrial and commercial environments, efficiency and security are paramount. High-speed spiral doors…

08 Jul: Protect Your Investment: Steel Hinged Door Maintenance

Steel hinged doors are renowned for their durability and security, making them a popular choice for commercial and industrial properties….

09 May: Planning Permission to Install Roller Shutters in 2024

Do you need planning permission to install Roller Shutters? Roller shutters are highly sought-after door systems because they offer the perfect combination of durability, insulation, security, and safety. They are considered as the all-rounder in the shutter door systems category.

07 May: The Ultimate Guide to Bi-Folding Speed Gates and Cantilever Sliding Gates

In the realm of modern security, automated gates have become indispensable assets for both residential and commercial properties. These offer a blend of security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, so these gates provide a seamless entry solution.

24 Apr: Ultimate Guide to Roller Shutter Systems: Installation, Maintenance, and Safety Protocols

In the realm of industrial and commercial security solutions, roller shutters stand as stalwart guardians. Above all, this is due to offering protection, efficiency, and convenience provided by our diverse array of roller shutter doors. This range includes industrial, commercial, fire-certified, and insulated variants, each serves specific purposes tailored to distinct operational requirements.

22 Apr: Loading Bay Equipment Installation: Constructing a Brand-New Loading Dock

In the realm of industrial logistics, the efficiency of loading bay operations is paramount. From streamlining workflows to ensuring safety standards, the design and installation of loading dock equipment play a pivotal role. Bridge Door Systems stands at the forefront, thus offering cutting-edge Loading Bay Equipment Installation tailored to unique business needs.

30 Mar: Selecting Sectional Overhead Doors: Which Doors are the best for your property.

Selecting the right sectional overhead doors is crucial for ensuring security and energy efficiency in commercial properties. With various options available in the market, such as 40mm Insulated Doors, 60mm Insulated Doors, ALU & Panoramic Doors, and Spiral Doors. As a result, property owners need to make informed decisions based on their specific requirements.

10 Mar: Vehicle Barriers and Safety Barriers – A Complete Guide

Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers are arguably the most common gate systems. Appearing in private car parks, industrial estates, business parks and loading bays, just to name a few. Firstly, a top-quality Barrier system will not only protect your workplace but will also complement it.

03 Mar: Enhancing Security with Vehicle Barriers

In an era where security is paramount, businesses and organisations are increasingly turning to advanced technologies to protect their premises. One crucial element in this security infrastructure is the installation of vehicle barriers. Bridge Door Systems, is a leading provider in the industry. Therefore, it offers a range of cutting-edge vehicle barriers tailored to meet diverse security needs.

28 Feb: Types and Benefits of Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy efficiency and sustainability, businesses are increasingly turning to innovative solutions. This is to reduce their environmental impact and operational costs. One crucial aspect of this endeavour is the implementation of Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors.

21 Feb: Creating a Fire Exit layout with New Steel Hinged Doors

In today’s fast-paced world, safety and accessibility are paramount considerations for any building structure. When it comes to creating a comprehensive fire exit layout, incorporating durable and reliable elements is crucial. If you need to update your commercial doors then consider new Steel Hinged Doors.

13 Feb: Why you need to choose a Fastlane Gate System Over Traditional Turnstiles

In the dynamic landscape of modern entrance security, businesses and organisations are continually seeking innovative solutions. This is in order to enhance the efficiency and reliability of commercial access control systems. If you are in need of fast and secure entry gates, a Fastlane Gate System is a revolutionary alternative to traditional turnstiles.

22 Jan: Choosing the Ideal Gate System for your Company’s Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of security solutions, selecting the right gate system is a pivotal decision for companies aiming to fortify their premises. Bridge Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of options, each designed to cater to specific security needs. With a myriad of options available, selecting the ideal gate system for your company’s security needs careful consideration.

08 Jan: Role of Industrial Door Systems for Warehouse and Distribution Centres

Efficiency of warehouse and distribution centre operations is paramount, in the fast-paced world of logistics and supply chain management. One often overlooked yet crucial aspect of this efficiency is the role played by industrial door systems.

11 Dec: Integrating Automatic Vehicle Barrier Systems in Cities

In the dynamic landscape of urban development, ensuring the safety and efficiency of vehicular traffic has become a paramount concern for city planners and administrators.  One key element in achieving these objectives is the integration of advanced technologies. Particularly the deployment of high-security barriers and state-of-the-art automatic vehicle barrier systems provided by companies like Bridge Door Systems.

05 Dec: Winter-Ready: How Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors Combat Winter Chill

Winter brings with it a myriad of challenges, and for homeowners, one of the concerns is keeping the cold at bay. When it comes to safeguarding your home against winter chill, the choice of garage doors plays a crucial role. Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors are the most popular way of keeping commercial properties warm, and with good reason.

20 Nov: Loading Bay External Security to Secure your Commercial Property

No matter the service, the loading bay is a critical junction were goods transition from warehouse storage to transportation. Ensuring the safety and security of this space is paramount for businesses like Bridge Door Systems. In fact, this is where Loading Bay External Security plays a pivotal role.

10 Nov: Common Dock Leveller Problems and How to Solve Them

A Dock Leveller plays a crucial role in the smooth operation of loading docks, thus ensuring efficient transfer of goods. This essential loading dock equipment come in various types, each with its unique set of components and operational mechanisms. For instance, this includes hydraulic dock levellers, mechanical dock levellers, and air-powered dock levellers.

09 Nov: Delivery Services During The Festive Season

The festive season is a time of joy and celebration for businesses involved in the delivery and logistics sector. Indeed, it often marks a period of intense pressure and heightened demand. With the surge in online shopping and the ever-increasing need for prompt and efficient delivery services, the significance of robust industrial door systems cannot be overstated.

01 Nov: High-Risk Loading Bay External Security Measures

With the high demands of logistics, loading bays serve as vital hubs for the movement of goods. However, high-risk loading bays, where valuable or sensitive cargo is handled, demand extra attention when it comes to security. Loading Bay External Security Systems will be the most effective means of preventing unauthorised access.

18 Oct: Security vs. Convenience: The Balance of Automatic Vehicle Barrier Systems

In an era where security concerns are paramount, striking the perfect balance between safety and convenience is completely essential. However, it is also a challenge faced by many organisations and property owners. One crucial aspect of this equilibrium is the implementation of Automatic Vehicle Barrier Systems.

01 Oct: Safety First: Training for Loading Bay Equipment Operators

In the bustling world of logistics and warehouse management, safety should always be the top priority. The loading bay is a critical area where accidents can happen if proper precautions aren’t taken so Training for Loading Bay Equipment is vital. At Bridge Door Systems, we are continually providing Loading Bay Equipment to commercial environments across the North West.

08 Sep: Energy-Efficient High-Speed Doors in Cardiff

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, the need for energy-efficient high-speed doors is paramount. Bridge Door Systems is certainly a pioneering name in the industrial door sector. It has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and efficiency through their recent job a High Speed Door Installation Cardiff.

31 Aug: Why Steel Hinged Doors are the perfect door replacement to your Wooden Doors

The quest for durability, security, and aesthetics has led to the resurgence of steel hinged doors. In fact, Steel Hinged Doors are the perfect door replacement for traditional wooden doors. Bridge Door Systems proudly presents a comprehensive array of steel hinged doors that transcend the limitations of wooden doors.

15 Aug: Double Bi-Folding Speed Gates: Manchester Case Study

In an era where security and efficiency are paramount, businesses are continually seeking advanced solutions for streamlined operations. Enter double bi-folding speed gates, an innovative security feature that combines high-speed functionality with enhanced access control. In short, Bridge Door Systems are able to install a variety of gate systems in commercial settings.

09 Aug: Which Businesses use Dock Levelling Equipment?

In the bustling world of logistics and supply chain management, the efficiency of loading and unloading operations is crucial. Loading bay equipment plays a pivotal role in enhancing these processes, with Dock Levelling Equipment being a key component.

01 Aug: Industrial Door & Gate Companies: Reducing Business CO2 Emissions

Industrial door & gate companies play a vital role in supporting businesses across various industries in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. There is a focus on energy-efficient solutions, sustainable materials, and customised approaches. These companies can be valuable partners in helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

05 Jul: Industrial Door Systems: Breaking Down the Jargon

Welcome to Bridge Door Systems, your gateway to the world of industrial door systems. In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, navigating various sectors can be challenging.

Each field has its unique jargon, technicalities, and specific requirements.

22 Jun: Let’s explore the many uses of Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters

Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters are practical solutions that find a wide range of uses in commercial settings. These shutters offer both functional and aesthetic benefits, making them popular choices in commercial, industrial, and residential environments. This is nothing new; Bridge Door Systems have been providing roller shutter installations for years now.

08 Jun: How we install Sectional Overhead Doors

There are many functional commercial door systems on the current market, which aim to make the best use of space. However, a system which can adapt to any environment is actually Sectional Overhead Doors. The simplicity in the design makes this an extremely cohesive lightweight design and we can install Sectional Overhead Doors simply yet effectively.

23 May: Finding the Gate or Barrier best for your Business

Most customers come to us with a preconceived Gate or Barrier Selection, which is great for establishing specifications. However, with all the barrier options on the market, they often overlook better solutions. As gate and barrier installation specialists, Bridge Door Systems has observed that it isn’t worth investing in a solution to one problem

26 Apr: Loading Bay & Commercial Installations Ely, East Cambridgeshire

It goes without saying that Bridge Door Systems know exactly how to carry out Loading Bay & Commercial Door Installations. One of our most recent jobs was working on a new packing plant for a large agricultural facility in Ely.

20 Apr: How Fastlane Speedgates will safety proof your Business

One of our most popular gate systems is actually the internal Fastlane Speedgates system. This is because they essentially safety-proof your business, thus excluding the need for security guards. Best of all, it doesn’t matter how big your company is there will be a vital addition.

28 Mar: The History of Automatic Gates

The History of Automatic Gates has come a long way. One of the oldest gates in the world is a 3,850-year-old Canaanite gate discovered in 1992 in Israel by a Harvard archaeologist. This ancient gate served as part of the fortifications of the port city of Ashkelon, and visitors to a surrounding local park can now admire its stone and wooden structure.

28 Mar: What Automatic Barriers say about your Business

In modern towns and city centres, Automatic Barriers are only becoming more and more present. This speaks to the importance of not just security, access control is also important within commercial settings. Every business owner will be protective over their property, but there is an array of advantages of Automatic Barriers.

13 Feb: Roller Shutter door designs and functionalities to suit your needs!

Here at Bridge Doors Systems, we have a long family history in the industrial door and gate industry. Due to this, we have an expert understanding of clients’ site-specific requirements, ranging from minor repairs to multiple new door/perimeter systems. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of Roller Shutter Doors, door designs and functionalities to suit your needs.

08 Feb: Energy Efficient High-Speed Doors

Doors are an active part of a building; therefore, door usage and speed should be considered when evaluating energy performance. Thus, Energy Efficient High-Speed Doors can achieve significant energy savings while providing better traffic flow. When a shutter is open all day, the U-value and air leakage rate in the closed position become irrelevant as the heat escapes through the opening.

31 Jan: How Loading Bays Can Improve Efficiency

An effective loading bay is vital for a successful operation. Consequently, playing a crucial role in the supply and transportation of goods. Therefore, requiring careful planning, strict safety practices and regular loading bay maintenance to ensure that loading bays operate as efficiently and safely as possible.

20 Jan: Does your Commercial Property need a Turnstile System?

Turnstile Systems are incredibly popular in cities and big towns, in order to manage traffic much more effectively. These come in many different models and different systems, from speedgates to your typical turnstiles. There are many benefits, not just managing the traffic so we certainly recommend giving them a look.

06 Jan: Lower Heating Costs with Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter Doors in 2023

With gas and electricity bills rising month on month, Bridge Door Systems want to help you lowering heating costs with Industrial Roller Shutters 2023. This will be especially helpful for industrial estates, business parks and similar settings too. This is because Bridge Door Systems know how hard it can be working in these places during the winter.

19 Dec: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Throughout this year, Bridge Door Systems have really appreciated all of the support and business received this year. It has been a privilege working on so many different security systems across the North of England. This goes for every door, gate, barrier, and shutter system as well as every maintenance service.

13 Oct: ISO Standard Door Installations – We are setting the bar high!

One of the UK’s leading company Bridge Door Systems has been pioneer in Industrial Doors & Gate Industry and has been continuing to be a market leader since years. Bridge Door Systems has always lived up to its standard. As a result of the hard work of our employees and loyalty of our customers has granted us a significant achievement today.

04 Oct: Overhead Sectional Door System Emergency Call-Out

It goes without saying that Bridge Door Systems are exceptional when it comes to providing door system services. This is quite clearly the case in our most recent job, in which we recently supplied and installed an Overhead Sectional Door System. Rather than being a project, this system installation was an emergency call-out.

20 Jul: Pedestrian Barriers for Crowd Management

As a business owner, Pedestrian Barriers are necessary for crowded areas, both internal and external. No matter what happens this will most certainly be your responsibility, however, it can be effective for you. Controlling such hectic settings can only be of benefit to your commercial property setting.

01 May: Why install a Steel Hinged Door in your workplace?

A Steel Hinged Door is quite probably the most popular door for both corporate and industrial business sites. Most often seen as merely a Fire Exit, a steel door has this popularity for being the all-rounder. The versatility of these doors makes them a cost-efficient option that will fulfill different needs.

28 Apr: Fire Shutters our guide to Fire Certified Doors and Insulated Shutters

If you are looking for fire shutters or fire certified doors that provide style as well as substance, then look no further than Bridge Door Systems. Because, we are here to share our knowlege and experience when it comes keeping tour commercial premises safe.

11 Apr: What Are Fastlane Turnstiles and Gates?

Fastlane turnstiles and gates secure many of the world’s most iconic buildings from high-profile government buildings and universities to the top social media sites and leisure facilities. Furthermore, are designed with innovative technology and aesthetics to match. They provide high security coupled with a very visible deterrent and can be installed in a variety of different applications for the use of manned and unmanned sites.

28 Mar: Certified Fire Door Installers For Your Safety

All our engineers at Bridge Door Systems are certified fire door installers. This means we are fully committed to ensuring full building compliance, and that our company and employees have the correct accreditations to be performing each task to a safe and competent level.

23 Mar: Keep your Industrial Doors moving 24/7

That’s right we can keep your Industrial Doors moving 24/7! Here at Bridge Doors, our in-house technical team has over 40 years experience of knowledge and experience in the industry, relating to all things mechanical, electrical, and barrier solutions.

03 Mar: Industrial and Commercial Doors Manchester

Looking for Industrial and Commercial Doors Manchester? Here at Bridge Door Systems, our Industrial Door Engineering serves Manchester and the surrounding areas with custom door manufacturing, fit, and installations.

23 Feb: Sectional Garage Doors – What Type of Commercial Business Would Install?

What Are Sectional Garage Doors? Here at Bridge Door Systems, we stock a wide range of sectional garage doors, which are…

21 Feb: How To Protect Business With Security Roller Shutter Manchester

Wondering how to protect a building with security roller shutters Manchester? then read on because security roller shutters can be…

26 Jan: Save money with Energy Efficient Doors

The immediate worry with commercial door systems is that they come at an additional cost. However, with Energy Efficient High Speed Doors, this will no longer be your worry. Bridge Door Systems update door systems across the North East and North West, saving our customer’s money with these doors.

26 Jan: Sectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead doors can benefit your business in many ways and help to optimize your workplace. However, simply being told this information is rarely enough to choose to invest.

26 Jan: Gates and Barriers Radcliffe

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we provide gate and barrier systems across the whole of the Northwest. Our Northwest team have years of experience, as well as specialist knowledge and years of training. This allows us to guarantee that you get highly functional gates and barriers Radcliffe.

10 Jan: Does your building need Steel Hinged Doors?

Steel Hinged Doors come in many different models and will be a smart purchase for any building. Coming in Standard, Fire Certified and Security Rated models, Steel Hinged Doors ensure safety and security. Bridge Door Systems offer exceptional door systems across Northern England

03 Jan: Fastlane Gates

Fastlane Speed Gates are a must in entertainment, hospitality and transport venues.  As the name suggests these gates are ideal fast lanes, allowing up to 60 people through per minute. Keep your venues secure and protected by guarantying only authorised access.

15 Dec: Watch a high speed insulated roller shutter door system

Watch a high-speed insulated roller shutter door system: As winter approaches the BDS team has been extremely busy replacing numerous, old roller shutters/sliding door systems around the UK with our best selling, high speed insulated roller shutter door system.

15 Dec: Why choose Bridge Door Systems for your security solutions?

Here at Bridge Door Systems, our engineers have years of experience working with door systems for your security both internal and external security systems. Whether you’re looking for new sliding gates for your business premises or you might be looking to upgrade your sectional garage doors, we can cover it all.

26 Nov: The Importance of Loading Bay Equipment

Quality loading bay equipment helps to optimise your business, allowing you to work at a higher capacity, putting you at the forefront of distribution and delivery. However, for your loading bay to have a constant positive impact on your business, you need good quality and trustworthy equipment.

15 Oct: The ins and outs of sectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead doors are incredibly useful if you’re looking to replace your current doors with something that is more space saving. Instead of the doors opening straight upwards and ended up on the outside of the building, section doors roll back and inwards. So they are stored on the ceiling of the garage itself.

15 Oct: Winter Roller Shutter Repairs

As winter approaches the BDS team have been extremely busy carrying out different winter roller shutter repairs around the UK. Using our best selling, high speed insulated roller shutter door system. This upgrade has been very popular among applications such as manufacturing facilities, logistics, distribution, food sites to name a few.

15 Oct: Why your business needs window roller shutters

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we understand the importance of premises security and we pass that importance over onto our clients when we install their window roller shutters. But if you are a business that doesn’t have any window roller shutters or any external security systems, then this blog is for you!

08 Oct: Choosing between roller shutters and sectional doors

Each security product that we provide has their own pros and cons. Not every type of gate, door or barrier will work with every business premises and that’s okay. This blog is going to go through the differences of roller shutters and sectional doors, as well as the positives and negatives that come with both

28 Sep: How turnstiles can help your entrance

When it comes to premises security, your internal security systems are just as important as your external security. Or maybe you’re unable to have a huge amount of external security. So your main focus is going to be on internal security, something Turnstiles excel in.

20 Sep: Benefits of a Cantilever Sliding Gate

Traditional gates and barriers can become quite bulky and cumbersome. Maybe you just don’t have enough space to have a full sized security gate or barrier installed. So, your next best bet is having a cantilever sliding gate system installed!

03 Sep: 4 reasons why your premises needs external gates and barriers

Having an adequate security system is as important to businesses as having the right staff and the right equipment. It’s especially important if you’re surrounded by other buildings or businesses and you are in a busy area. If you haven’t got an external gates or barrier system installed already and you’re still not 100% sure why you need to get a security system installed, then carry on reading.

26 Aug: How to choose the right security gate for your premises

External gates are an incredibly important part of your perimeter surround. So it’s essential than you choose the right style of gate for your premises. Every business has different security needs, and we understand that it’s not a case of one security gate fits all.

04 Aug: Electrically operated high speed insulated roller shutter Installed at Pontefract

Bridge Door Systems have installation teams in both North West and North East, who offer many different door and gates systems for both home and work environments. Electrically Operated High Speed Shutters are becoming increasingly popular, having all of the convenience of traditional roller shutters but being controllable via a control panel or remote control.

04 Aug: Industrial Door Systems Installations

On a week to week basis, Bridge Door Systems work with Industrial Door Systems. Being able to work with many different doors and gates, revamping your old systems for a much needed update. Starting as basic as Industrial Door Systems Installations.

04 Aug: Entry and Exit Gate Installation in Burnley

Another site entrance secured by the BDS installation engineers on site in Burnley this week. Bridge Door Systems Ltd designed, supplied, installed and commissioned 2 x bespoke automatic double leaf entry/exit vehicle gates c/w self-closing pedestrian gate system.

03 Aug: Roller Shutter Installed at Ashton-Under-Lyne Car Park

The team here at Bridge Door Systems are known throughout the North West for being the leading door and gate system planners and installers. Best known for roller shutter installation. Roller Shutters are popular for being the easiest door system, used in a massive array of different settings.

30 Jul: Gate and turnstile installation in Huddersfield

Bridge Door Systems operate across the North East.  Working with many different door and gate systems of all different price ranges. From industrial estates to schools, there are plenty of different environments, in which a Gate Turnstile system would the ideal fit.

30 Jul: Sliding gate installation in Warrington

Another quality project delivered by the BDS team! Working for a UK leading logistics & maintenance provider to the mobile medical industry, providing a sliding gate installation at their Warrington site.

30 Jul: Multiple entrances secured for a large waste recycling site in Manchester

Bridge Door Systems are known for an array of different services, working on many different door and gate systems. From industrial doors to barriers, and everything in-between. With our many different services, a large recycling site allowed us to completely renovate their multiple entrances.

18 Feb: Installation by BDS at Dempsey Dyer Ltd

Electrically operated high speed insulated roller shutter supplied, installed & commissioned by the Bridge Door Systems Installations team at Dempsey Dyer Ltd’s head office site, Pontefract.

18 Feb: Opening of the North East Branch Bridge Door Systems NE

📈WE ARE EXPANDING📈 After another successful year demonstrating consistent growth and to help in facilitating some of our larger service…

17 Jan: Fastlane Speed Gates

Fastlane Speed Gates are a must in entertainment, hospitality and transport venues.  As the name suggests these gates are ideal fast lanes, allowing up to 60 people through per minute. Keep your venues secure and protected by guaranteeing only authorised access.

11 Jan: Kirklees College restrict and monitor access with the Fastlane Glassgate 200

Used often by the public as a short-cut, Kirklees College identified a need to prohibit unauthorised access to the Huddersfield Centre, their building at the Waterfront Quarter. Following the specialist advice provided by Bridge Door Systems Ltd & given the college already has IDL equipment in operation across multiple sites.

03 Jan: A Guide to Traffic Barriers and their Uses

Choosing the right traffic barriers for your facility can be confusing? Although, this category of barrier systems offers a very accessible and effective way of controlling traffic and people there is a lot to consider. There are many different types of barrier systems, all having different uses and functionality.