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Information for Automatic Gates & Vehicle Barriers

Bridge Door Systems offer a wide range of automatic gates & vehicle barriers to suit your site-specific requirements. Whether your looking to secure site, manage traffic or monitor time and attendance of staff/visitors. The BDS perimeter security product range has everything covered.

All products are available in a wide range of sizes and have been manufactured to BSEN:12453. Thus will arrive on site CE marked ready for installation by our DHF certified installation team. This will ensure compliance from front end design through to installation/maintenance.

Various finishes are available on all our products. Thus enabling us to achieve requested functionalities. However, also integrates seamlessly with sites preferred aesthetics/existing fence lines.

Depending on site layout, level of security required & number of operations. The equipment is required to perform will determine which gate/barrier is best suited for the application. All systems are compatible with any access control system. And come complete with associated safety edges, safety photocells, induction loops, siren/strobes & signage to suit.

Cantilever sliding gates are predominantly a security measure for applications where minimal operations are required.

The high grade aluminium horizontal frames make the gate extremely corrosion resistant and all motors and controls are housed in an IP66 enclosure within the gate post ensuring easy access for maintenance. Additionally, single gate systems can cover openings up to 11m & are available in a variety of infills

Due to their robust physical design they are the ideal product to secure commercial sites and all of its assets.

Double leaf & single leaf hinged gates are ideal where space on site is restricted. As a result, offer a secure perimeter whilst controlling small volumes of traffic/access into site.

Hinged gate systems can cover openings up to 8mW x 3mH and are automated using either hydraulic arm operators or underground motors depending on site conditions.

Consequently, Gate frames and posts are constructed from hollow box section enabling cable access for safety edges and come c/w non reducing hinges as standard which designs out any potential crushing hazards at the hinge point.

Bi-folding speed gates are again suited to sites where space is restricted whilst offering a compromise between security & traffic management in one product. Due to the fast-operating times bi-folding gates are an ideal measure for managing flow of traffic whilst maintaining a secure perimeter.


This product spans 10mW (double leaf) and 5mW (single leaf) and is available in a range of infills & finishes. The speed gates are rated for 100% duty cycle utilizing a 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct drive shaft connected to the gearbox making this the ideal choice where heavy industrial usage is required.

Automatic vehicle barriers are designed specifically for managing traffic whilst also providing a visual deterrent. BDS can provide both manual & automatic barrier solutions to suit any application. Barriers can be fitted with bottom or top and bottom skirts for additional security and prevent pedestrians gaining access to site under the barrier.

All barrier models are compatible with any access control systems. Therefore will be installed with all associated safety devices to current regulations. Different barrier models are available with a number of operations, level of security required & customer preference.