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Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters

Here at Bridge Door Systems, BDS offer a very comprehensive range of all different types of roller shutters, door designs and functionalities. These include; the standard tube motorised, high usage car park shutters, fire shutters (2/4hr rated) and insulated doors.

Thankfully for you, specifications and lack of choice are never a problem for Bridge Door Systems. Our team is experienced enough, to work with your expectations and specifications in mind.

In addition, standard un-insulated door over an entrance doorway have been purposely designed to suit openings up to 10m in height/width. With a full range of curtain types available, from un-insulated to higher performance insulated with a full range of opening speeds and control systems. Likewise, these range from push button to a fully automated system with all the necessary safety features.

All doors are available in a variety of finishes including; galvanised, plastisol coated and a full range of high-quality powder coating including marine/C5i grade finishes. Perforated & punched lath options are also available where airflow & ventilation to certain areas is critical. All installations are CE marked & compliant in line with current British standards/DHF guidelines & machinery directive.

By following all these standards, BDS guarantee a safe and effective installation. Even if a breakdown is to happen, BDS have you covered! BDS have a call-out service covering a 100 mile radius across Manchester.

So, if you would like to discuss your specific requirements with one of our experienced technical surveyors.  Covering everything from security, safety and environmental aspects. Then please get in contact with one of our team today.

Standard industrial doors are usually found at warehouse openings or applications with high usage requirements. Above all, this range of doors represent a reliable, hard wearing option with tried and tested strength and security. In addition, a wide range of motors are available which enables us to determine which is best suited for the application. BDS take into consideration; size of door, weight of door, number of operations.
The BDS team can offer you a wide range of commercial shutter options. Therefore, we can go through all of these options so you can understand what would suit your commercial property.
However, Roller Shutters serve a multi-functional purpose. As well as maintaining level of security, the doors come in a wide range of finishes. In order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of a commercial property, thus adding value and security.
In recent years fire protection has become critical in a workplace. The Bridge Door Systems fire door complies to strict health and safety legislation. Being certified and tested to act as a barrier for up to four hours.
They are tested to a maximum clear opening of 7mW x 7mH. All fire doors can be equipped with an audio-visual warning panel (AVFDI). After that, this alerts people in proximity on receipt of a fire alarm or mains failure.
An insulated door comes with increased climate control benefits. Thus, it retains the warmth which add up to healthier energy savings in the long run. Our insulated doors are available in 3 different lath sizes held together using nylon end locks. 77mm & 95mm lath is foam injected which is the lighted option allowing for smaller barrel and motor.
The 100mm lath offers a heavier duty door which is constructed using a double skin lath filled with a polystyrene insert. All types are tested to wind class 5 offering full protection (BS EN 12444:2001).