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High Speed Doors – External Applications

External door systems are usually found at warehouse or industrial openings or areas with high usage requirements. Our fabric high speed doors come with high wind class ratings. This means they can be implemented on the perimeter of a building.

These protectors are installed in order to protect against any strong winds or draughts that could otherwise potentially affect the doors reliability. These external applications are the small percentages, which can make the biggest differences.


High Speed Doors at BDS

Not only will they help manage traffic flows, the doors can also create a more pleasant internal working environment whilst saving energy. These door types are usually installed behind sectional doors or roller shutters which are used predominantly for security. High Speed Doors are effective on their own, adding external applications, therefore, can only help bring out their full potential.

They’re also an incredibly efficient way of reducing noise and odour pollution. This is important in environments that deal with food production.

Insulated Roller Shutters Radcliffe

External Applications for High Speed Doors

High-speed doors are not only capable of improving efficiency in a company. Their use can also reduce costs and give businesses a competitive advantage.

These doors can make your workplace a lot more welcoming, provide further storage and more. Having the most organised and welcoming warehouse/ showroom possible, increases the chances of a potential customer making a purchase.

Alternatively, Bridge Door Systems can provide high speed insulated solid mass doors. Which will give the customer the compromise between security & traffic management in one door. On top of insulation, during the colder months – fortunately for both customers and employees.

North West and North East Doors

If you would like more information on our external high speed doors, or any of the security doors that we provide, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

We have two offices, one based in Manchester in the North West and the other based in Sedge Field in the North East. This means our engineers are able to cover both of those areas from Radcliffe all the way to County Durham!

To get in touch with our team for any repairs, installations and such, click here.