High Speed Doors – Food & Hygiene Applications

Food based environments are often the most demanding in terms of the criteria the door has to meet to satisfy hygiene regulations. Here at Bridge Door Systems our team are able to offer certified FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved door systems. These high speed door systems can come with full stainless-steel guides/motor covers/canopies alongside control panel enclosures with a high IP rating for areas where water ingress would be an issue.

As well as the points above, a high speed door also can be used to maintain temperatures in separate factory sections.

Having to heat or cool a specific area every time a door is opened can significantly increase any operating costs. Thanks to their speed of both opening and closing, the heat lost from the premises or gained from the outside is drastically minimised. This in turn can increase the efficiency of premises temperature control hugely.

High speed doors can also help minimise the amount of dirt or dust that comes from outside into the premises. This will help keep the space clean and anything that is being processed is more likely to be of better quality.

High Speed Door Installation Services across Radcliffe, Manchester

If you think your premises can benefit from one of our internal high speed door systems, please get in touch with one of our office members today.

We now have two separate offices, our head office is based in Radcliffe, Manchester and our second office is in Sedge Field. This means our engineers are now able to cover the whole of the North West and the North East.