Loading Bay Dock Shelters

Getting the right type of seal for your specific requirements need not be complicated. If you just need a shelter to help with basic weatherproofing, then a standard retractable or rigid frame shelter should suffice.

If, however, you need to make sure that temperatures are controlled, or you need to stop pests entering your environment then a tighter seal may be needed. This could be achieved with either dock seals or inflatable shelters (either fully inflatable or just an inflatable head cushion) or a bespoke combination design.

Loading Bay Accessories

Before fitting any dock shelters, our team of engineers will take into account the trailer types or sizes that may be arriving into your compound. This is to make sure that the shelter will be able to operate properly, and that no damage will occur.

All of the dock shelters that we provide have both style and substance. Our shelters are durable whilst also help to reduce energy consumption and protect your goods.