Loading Bay Dock Levellers

If you’re looking for an efficient way to level the difference in height and distance between your warehouse floor and a docked vehicle then Bridge Door Systems are here to help.

We can provide a full range of dock levellers to suit your specific requirements.

A swing lip leveller is used when standard size vehicles are coming to your bays, it’s safe, easy to use and extremely energy efficient. A telescopic lip leveller tends to be used when you need a greater range and reach for the vehicle to dock. There is also an edge of dock leveller for the occasional use, or where the existing building structure cannot accommodate a traditional dock leveller.

All sizes and weight requirements can be accommodated through the use of the right dock levelling equipment.

Dock levellers

Loading Bay Accessories

Our team of security engineers will come down to your warehouse and personally assess the vehicles being loaded as well as your material handling equipment, the goods being transported, and any possible future changes before making any recommendations.

We want to make sure that the equipment we recommend will work the way you want it too.

Our team here at Bridge Door Systems are experts in the external security sector. If you need some help or advice about which of our products would work best in your working environment. We have two offices, one based in Radcliffe, Manchester and the other in Salters Lane, Sedgefield. This means our engineers are able to cover the majority of the North West and North East of England.