Planning Permission to Install Roller Shutters

Planning Permission to Install Roller Shutters

One of the common questions asked is do you need planning permission to install Roller Shutters? Roller Shutters are one of the most popular door systems on the market, due to ticking all the boxes. Very much regarded as the all-rounder when it comes to shutter door systems. Durability, Insulation, Security, Safety, you name it, Bridge Door Systems provide it!

Despite bringing a lot of convenience, there is also a lot to think about as you need Planning Permission. This is absolutely vital to have otherwise the project won’t be able to be carried out. From Local Councils to Government regulations, BDS will certainly work within these means.

It may be a wise idea to contact your local council to see if they have any specific guidelines. Bridge Door Systems have many years within the industry working within many different specifications. Thus, we are the ideal candidates for any Northern door and gate system projects.

What Planning Permission can involve

Visual Aesthetics is by far the most common reason for project plans to be turned down. For instance a standard roller shutter system may be rejected for being out of place in a luxury area. This is why many customers come to use for discreet yet streamlined designs above bulky old models.

Quality and Functionality also plays a prominent role when it comes to being granted permission. These need to ensure or even after the installation is done the local council may still have a say. However, if you are investing we assume you want the best quality and as much practicality possible.

If your building is a significant building or listed building then these sorts of changes can be trickier. These types of building go through a longer permission process, due to their history. However, it still is very possible that you can have roller shutters installed.

How to plan around Guidelines and Regulations

Guidelines and Regulations rarely mislead you and certainly won’t worsen your property. If a council has to step in based on appearance, it will certainly be of benefit to your workplace. The way around this is a much more streamlined design and perhaps is worth reconsidering the colour.

A Roller Shutter system comes in many different forms and styles, for instance electric, insulated and commercial shutters. Each of these will function in slightly different ways to accommodate its environment. The best example is you wouldn’t expect electric roller shutters on a high street.

Planning Permission to Install Roller Shutters

Bridge Door Systems are roller shutter specialists and guarantee to bring you your ideal shutters. However, we do more than that as the BDS team can provide any gate or door system necessary. This includes repairs, maintenance and new installations, no matter the job we can provide it.

Begin your project today by filling in the contact form on our homepage and we will get in touch ASAP. The Bridge Door Systems team will be able to guide you through the planning process giving you all the advice needed. Planning Processes can be tricky with a lot of parties involved, so Bridge Door Systems will make it easier.