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Let’s explore the many uses of Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters are practical solutions that find a wide range of uses in commercial settings. These shutters offer both functional and aesthetic benefits, making them popular choices in commercial, industrial, and residential environments. This is nothing new; Bridge Door Systems have been providing roller shutter installations for years now.

It is important to dig into the many uses of Commercial Roller Systems. Mainly because they come in many formats, specifically industrial doors, commercial doors, fire certified doors, and insulated doors. Bridge Door Systems will run through the uses of each of these and what they are best suited to.


Commercial Doors

Commercial Doors are also commonly utilised in retail establishments, particularly in shopping malls or storefronts. They not only offer enhanced security but also contribute to a comfortable shopping experience by maintaining a pleasant interior climate. The insulation properties of these shutters help reduce noise transmission, making them suitable for locations with high foot traffic or near busy streets.

These doors come in various types and configurations to suit specific functional requirements. From swinging doors to sliding doors, overhead doors to roll-up doors, these options allow for efficient traffic flow, easy access, and optimized use of space within commercial buildings.


Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are built to withstand the demanding conditions of industrial environments. They are constructed using sturdy materials such as steel, aluminium, or fiberglass, which provide excellent resistance against impacts, extreme temperatures, and corrosion. These will also contribute to preventing drafts and maintaining temperatures, these doors contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Many industrial doors are designed to facilitate the smooth flow of materials and goods within a facility. High-speed doors, for example, can open and close quickly, minimizing the time required for vehicles and personnel to move through. Sectional doors or overhead doors with windows allow visibility into the facility, aiding in traffic management and enhancing safety.


Fire Certified Doors

The primary advantage of fire certified doors is their ability to withstand the spread of fire and smoke for a specified period. These doors are constructed with fire-resistant materials, such as steel, timber, or composite materials, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their ability to withstand high temperatures

In addition to resisting fire, fire certified doors are designed to restrict the passage of smoke. Smoke inhalation is a significant cause of injury and fatalities during a fire. Fire certified doors are equipped with smoke seals and intumescent strips that expand when exposed to heat, creating a barrier against smoke infiltration.


Insulated Door

Insulated doors provide effective temperature regulation, creating a barrier against outdoor conditions. They help keep the interior spaces cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather. This is particularly beneficial in areas with extreme climates, where maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is essential for occupant productivity.

Insulated doors help control condensation by minimizing temperature differences between the interior and exterior surfaces. Condensation can lead to moisture-related issues such as mould growth, deterioration of materials, and indoor air quality problems. Insulated doors reduce the risk of condensation, providing a healthier and more hygienic environment.


Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters Installation

Our Insulated & Standard Roller Shutters Installation services have been a huge part of Bridge Door Systems success. With years upon years of experience dealing with these, we can guarantee a professional service catering to your needs. So to get your new roller shutter project underway as soon as possible, simply click here.