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Height Restrictor Barriers

Height Restrictor Barriers are the most common type of car park barrier, performing the simple function of managing vehicle size. This can perform many different functions in different settings, for instance in-door car parks use them to protect property. Quite simply put, if the vehicle is too big, it won’t be granted access.

These come in many different sizes and unique models to change height size if necessary. And only requires a quick installation from the Bridge Door Systems installation team. So invest in a simple solution which will massively lower the chances of commercial property damages.


Are Height Restrictor Barriers necessary?

Height Barriers won’t always be necessary; however, they are a smart investment in many different ways. Firstly, these are essential for in-door car parks to safety proof your building. Vehicles deemed too high will run a high risk of damaging the property and may cause a serious accident.

The reason why these are used in car parks besides height is to do the opposite, protect vehicles. For instance, if a car is parked between two trucks chances are the driver will open the door into a truck. Overall, controlling vehicle size will restrict the amount of issues caused.

This why every car park can benefit from one of these restrictor barriers, indoor and outdoor. Whilst yes customers choose to use your car park, you most certainly have duty of care and regulations to follow. And the British Parking Association will definitely keep an eye on your carpark and if it follows Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.


Height Restrictor Barrier Designs

The material is ideal for everyone involved, due to it being made of galvanised steel. As a result of this, this means that the barrier won’t be damaged. In addition to, the damage to the vehicle being minimal, so the car park is liable for damage.

Your traditional Height Restrictor Barrier will be there for the long-term. Being able to withstand any weather conditions and won’t wear for years down the line. Making it all the more worthy of investing in.

Most importantly, there are so many different models and designs to choose from. Instead of fixed height, the best investment will be a swing barrier so you can change height if necessary. For a more minimalist solution for in-door, we recommend just a height restriction bar.


BDS Restrictor Barrier Installations

Height Restrictor Barriers are definitely not a D.I.Y job, so leave it to Bridge Door Systems. These Barriers are installed directly into the ground by being bolted in. This way, there is no possibility of the barrier being moved or damaged.

Bridge Door Systems have an experienced workforce who aim to make installations as smooth as possible. Thus, wasting less of your time and focusing more on quick yet high quality installations.

If you have further enquiries about installations or our different barrier systems, get in touch. The BDS team are here to help you cover the entire project, especially planning. So, to speak with them right now simply click here.