Automatic Vehicle Barriers

Automatic vehicle barriers are designed specifically for managing traffic whilst also providing a visual deterrent. Here at Bridge Door Systems, we can provide both manual & automatic barrier solutions to suit any application.

Our barriers can be fitted with bottom or top skirts which are able to provide any additional security that your premise might need. It can also assist with preventing pedestrians from gaining access to the site from the underneath of the barrier.

Automatic vehicle barriers and extra accessories

All of our barrier models are compatible with any access control systems and will be installed with all associated safety devices in line with current regulations. Different barrier models are available depending number of operations, level of security required & customer preference.

We’re able to offer this these vehicle barriers with a range of extras. These extras are in place to enhance the functionality of the barriers.

One of these extras includes LED boom lights. These lights are helpful for automatic vehicle barriers that are used at night or in areas with low lighting.

Other extras include height restriction, Stop and No Entry signs.

For more information on our automatic vehicle barriers, or for any of the other security doors or gates that we’re able to provide, please get in touch with one of our team through our online contact form.