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When it comes to premises security, your internal security systems are just as important as your external security. Or maybe you’re unable to have a huge amount of external security. So your main focus is going to be on internal security, something Turnstiles excel in.

Here are some of  our top ways in which installing entrance and exit turnstiles can help benefit your lobby area.

Commercial Fastlane Turnstiles

Having electric Fastlane Speedgate turnstiles means you’re able to keep track of who is coming and going, and at what time. It also means that only authorised people are able to go through. This means any visitors will have to check themselves in and out with the reception desk.

You’re also able to pre-program the turnstiles to allow only one person entry at a time. Which means each individual person has to swipe their card/key fob etc to be allowed entry. Or at busier, peak times you can program the doors to stay open between a set time.


Security Gate Specialists

You can also connect the Speedgates to building’s security systems which mean if, for example, the fire alarm goes off the gates will automatically open to allow a safe exit for all.

Here at Bridge Door Systems, we offer a range of different Fastlane Speedgate models to suit every single business lobby and entrance. They all come in a range of different widths and heights, some have single glass doors with others having double glass doors. All of the Glassgate models have been created with both style and substance in mind.

Bridge Door Systems Turnstiles – Internal Security

Our team at BDS are always on hand to help create your ideal security systems. Whether you’re looking to have some brand new gates and barriers installed or just to upgrade your loading bay equipment. We can assist with all of that and more!