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Traditional gates and barriers can become quite bulky and cumbersome. Maybe you just don’t have enough space to have a full sized security gate or barrier installed. So, your next best bet is having a cantilever sliding gate system installed!

Cantilever Sliding Gate

External security is incredibly important for businesses. No matter if its whether that is to help protect your stock that is kept on site. Or to keep a note of visitors, staff and their entry and exit times.

So why should you have to miss out on creating a safe and secure work place just because you may be low on space at the front of your premises? Well that’s where we would suggest looking at a cantilever style sliding gate.


How do Sliding Gate Systems work?

Traditional style sliding gates work on a track which allows the gate itself to slide forwards and backwards rather than opening up like a door on a larger gate. However cantilever gates are suspended off the floor slightly using a balancing system. This means there’s no wheels or rollers touching the floor. This makes it overall quieter and longer lasting as there is less parts that can be damaged by wear and tear. All of the technology and machinery that comes with this type of gate fits into a discreet tamper proof box, for extra safety and your peace of mind.

Cantilever gates are also a lot easier to get installed than other gate styles, they can even be used in locations that have uneven surfaces like gravel, cobbles or even where the ground is sloping.

Another advantage of these gates is the fact that they’re also unaffected by a range of external factors including heavy snow, sleet or rainfall.


Cantilever Sliding Gate or Suspending Sliding Gate?

There is often a confusion amongst customers about the difference between a Cantilever Sliding Gate and a Suspending Sliding Gate.

A Cantilever Sliding Gate operates with a sliding gate hanging over the road, which will slide across to open up when a vehicle is granted access. A Suspending Sliding Gate operates with the gate going across a track to allow the gate to open and close.

By merely defining them, it is quite obvious that Cantilever Sliding Gates are a longer term investment. Whilst, yes, being more expensive, there is no potential in the track being damaged and thus not working, like with the Suspending Sliding Gates. In addition to this Cantilever Sliding Gates are easier to maintain and suitable for any terrain/ environment.

Thankfully, aftercare wasn’t going to be a problem, whilst working with Bridge Door Systems – who offer fantastic aftercare plans for long-term maintenance and product longevity.

Gate Systems at Bridge Door Systems

Cantilever door / gate systems can be a perfect fit to your external security systems. So, get in touch with one of our team today!