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As winter approaches the BDS team have been extremely busy carrying out different winter roller shutter repairs around the UK. Using our best selling, high speed insulated roller shutter door system. This upgrade has been very popular among applications such as manufacturing facilities, logistics, distribution, food sites to name a few.


Winter Roller Shutter Repairs

Below are a few reasons why this door is becoming more popular when determining the best suited door system for your premises.

– Provides compromise between security & traffic management in one door system, eliminating the requirement for two doors. In turn reducing future maintenance costs.
– Sealed on all four sides, reducing drafts, increasing energy efficiency & preventing access for unwanted guests.
– Fully insulated door system providing reductions in sites energy bills.
– Available in a range of speeds which can be tailored to suit customers site specific requirements.
– Seamlessly integrates with the current site aesthetics as the door system is available in a range of RAL colours with additional options for vision panels where additional light/visibility is required.

To view the upgrade in action, please click the link below!