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Standard and Fire Exit Steel Hinged Doors

If security is something you take very important within your business, then you need a steel hinged door. Steel Hinged Doors keep your facility safe from break-ins, as well as a safe exit in the case of a fire. Bridge Door Systems, as the name suggests, are specialists in providing our customers with a top-quality door system, which will never fail them!


Our Bridge Door Systems steel hinged doors are very popular with contractors & specifiers alike! The consummate all-rounder, they come with a range of features and options that can be configured to order. They’re made from galvanised high tensile steel and can be made to fit most opening sizes and our standard doors come with both frame and threshold. The doors can also be personalized in the RAL or BS colour of your choice.

Steel hinged doors

Standard and Fire Exit Steel Hinged Doors

Steel Hinged Doors won’t capture the same beauty as the grand entrance, but they make for a very reliable side door, perfect for deliveries, alternate exits and of course fire exits. These doors are versatile, offer fantastic value for money and superb flexibility for use in many different situations and environments. Steel Hinge Doors are easy for maintenance, only ever needing a new coat of paint when there’s visible damage. It’s also important to note, Steel Doors are the longest lasting door system on the market, ideal for long-term investments, even if it’s just for a side door.  As a side note, Steel Doors are ideal for warehouses, even being energy efficient being insulated, thus trapping heat inside.

How many more reasons do you need to upgrade to our standard or fire exit steel hinged doors?

The Bride Door Systems team cover the majority of the North East and North West, all the way from Sedge Field to Radcliffe, Manchester. If you would like to get in touch with one of our team, please use our online contact form.