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SMAS Worksafe: Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation

SMAS Worksafe ensure that business’s up and down the country comply with SSIP health and safety guidelines. Paired with this are our very own CITB Approved Training. Making SMAS a huge brand in the industry.

In short, you can do everything from learning how to succeed to actually pushing your company forward. Their courses aim to cover all of the appropriate topic areas for you to be a supervisory position. BDS are just one of many successful construction companies who are approved by SMAS.

Consequently, Bridge Door Systems are Approved by SMAS and take the SMAS Worksafe Accredition very seriously. The experts at SMAS assess our projects to ensure that we are giving our customers the highest quality output possible.

SMAS Worksafe

SMAS Worksafe Accreditation – Bridge Door Systems

Firstly, it has to be established that no matter how well or bad your current health and safety systems are SMAS can help. Your current working conditions don’t need to be insufferably or a complete rip off for a SMAS’s guidance. If necessary you can have frequent assessments so you are guaranteed to always meet customer expectations.

To go one step further. SMAS Worksafe also help with supply chain compliance. And are environmental specialists.

And have the backing of HSE, SSIP and IEMA to cover all bases. Being able to work in the engineering, agricultural, manufacturing, construction, education, management and care industries.

Overall, SMAS Worksafe continue to help Bridge Door Systems provide the best services possible. Their continued support and guidance have allowed us to build our reputation across North England.

For those who don’t know. Bridge Door Systems are lead industrial door suppliers and installers. On top of already having a top tier maintenance and repair team available.