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SMAS Worksafe Accreditation

SMAS Worksafe provides some of the most important health & safety assessments for construction projects in the UK. By carrying these out, they can determine how fit for purpose your practices are. This may just save your business or even be an effective mark of promise for customer’s trust in you.

Above all, SMAS boast SSIP Membership and look to ensure your business holds this very accreditation too. Essentially, these will safety proof your business as each engineer should have an accreditation at least similar to this. Not to mention how this will be able to show your business’s capability carrying out more complicated tasks.

BDS certainly take this accreditation seriously, boasting a host of different accreditation ourselves to show our quality of service. So for any gate, barrier or door system installations get in touch with Bridge Door Systems.

What does SMAS Worksafe do?

For over 15 years now, SMAS Worksafe have been doing exactly what their name says, keeping work safe. With their experience and knowledge surrounding health & safety their role is to help fulfil these obligations. Rather than making this a tedious process, SMAS Worksafe aim to make it as easy and affordable as possible.

Not only are they health & safety specialists, SMAS Worksafe can also find you the most effective results. For instance, the SMAS team can recommend environmentally sustainable solutions yet with a greater output.  Another similar service is making designated areas for each part of your business if necessary.

They remain committed to guiding customers through each stage of the health & safety process. All of your information will be stored in their database, so they can keep track of the progress. In short, you can make this priority a secondary thought with the help of our workforce!

SSIP Membership

SMAS Worksafe is a founding member of the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement). Assessors will ensure assessments, method statements, and your business’s health and safety policy are all in check. This accreditation isn’t just beneficial customer wise but may be attractive to potential staff applying for a job.

However, SSIP Membership is more than just a one trick pony. This membership and SMAS’s services can be used in a host of different industries, for instance education and social care. A benefit of construction is that we get a host of privileges such as Hazard elimination and risk control.

To show our commitment to this, we ensure every assessor completes the SSIP Assessor Training and in addition, they are then audited by an independently appointed SSIP Auditor.

Bridge Door Systems: SMAS Worksafe Accreditation

Bridge Door Systems guarantee an effective installation, so that your safety is never in question with our systems. This is thanks to SMAS Worksafe and many other companies and their accreditations, awarded to us and our engineers.

If you are waiting to get your project underway ASAP, get in contact with BDS. We are the best place to give you that much needed support with your door or gate system. Throughout the whole process you will maintain creative control, as our engineers work their magic!