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SafeContractor: Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation

SafeContractor is an accreditation used to ensure safety in many different renovation sectors. From engineers to construction, it will always give customers peace of mind knowing you are working within guidelines and regulations.

In the UK, the lead health and safety accreditation is SafeContractor. Ultimately, this is one PAS91 and SSIP certificate for health, safety, ethics and guaranteed success. We aren’t the only ones who take this seriously, over 34,000 companies do too!

Not only are you establishing your priorities, you also establish that your infrastructure is reliable.  And his applies to everything from management to appropriate supply chains. Bridge Door Systems base our reputation off our many accreditations, including this one.


SafeContractor Accreditation – Bridge Door Systems

SafeContractor is granted based on an annual feeI.  In contrast to the usual assessment and training programs. With different packages your company pays for the SafeContractor guarantee.

Firstly your business will have to meet all of their regulations. From here your company will be offered safety assessments, contact and professional help from SafeContractor.

This is very beneficial for a busy construction company juggling many different projects at once. Certainly being a very handy mark of promise.

It really is as easy as choosing the most suitable plan for your business.  You will be assigned a Technical Support Officer and an Auditor to work alongside you, after your plan is finalised. They will be the ones completing necessary paperwork and ensuring you meet legal guidelines.

This will keep both your reputation and compliance covered, with over 700 big brands supporting this. Each plan comes with different perks, so always make sure to analyse these before making a final decision. For instance the most important perk is response time – especially if your brand is rapidly growing.

The reason Bridge Door Systems buy into this is purely for the guarantee of customer satisfaction. We aren’t the only ones establishing our professionalism as we are SafeContractor Approved!