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Kirklees College restrict and monitor access with the Fastlane Glassgate 200

Internal turnstiles Manchester

Used often by the public as a short-cut, Kirklees College identified a need to prohibit unauthorised access to the Huddersfield Centre, their building at the Waterfront Quarter. Following the specialist advice provided by Bridge Door Systems Ltd & given the college already has IDL equipment in operation across multiple sites. They chose to secure their facility with the Fastlane Glassgate 200, ensuring access is limited to students, staff and guests.


Fastlane Glass Gates in Commercial Settings

The Huddersfield Centre is one of the two main hubs for Kirklees college, which boasts a student population of 20,000, making a high security presence a priority. In order to meet the security requirements, two banks of Glassgate 200s were installed at the facility, with four lanes located at the main entrance, and two lanes at the stairwell.

Fastlane Gates Main EntranceThe Glassgate 200 model suited the requirements outlined by Kirklees College perfectly, for the following reasons:

  1. The 1.8meter high locking glass barrier ensures that their security needs are met by providing a strong physical deterrent
  2. The bi-directional swinging glass barrier ensures high functionality and ease of access
  3. The Glassgate 200 provides a standard 60cm single wide lane glass barrier with elegant narrow pedestals, whilst offering dual barrier lanes for disabled access that are compliant with DDA and ADA regulations
  4. The glass and brushed stainless steel finish, with stainless steel pedestal tops, has the benefit of maintaining an open feel without sacrificing the building’s aesthetic appeal


Innovative Fastlane Glass Gates

Alongside fulfilling Kirklees College’s security concerns, the Glassgate 200 has the capability of integrating with touchless technologies, invaluable when improving and maintaining hygiene standards. Due the ongoing health and safety implications of COVID-19, it was important to install an access control system which enables the facility to keep users as safe as possible. With that in mind the Salto System’s card reading technology was chosen to integrate with the Glassgate 200. The card reader offers touchless access control that requires the card to be presented within the proximity of the reader, avoiding the need for users to physically touch the IDL Fastlane’s pedestal

Glass Fast Lane Pedestrian Security GatesLuke Sanders, Sales & Marketing Manager at Bridge Door Systems Ltd., commented: “I have worked with the college and IDL for several years now and have had only positive experiences, making it a very easy choice when deciding which supplier to work with on this project. We only had a couple of weeks to complete the installation before the students arrived back at the college, so we needed it to run smoothly. Working with a British manufacturer such as IDL has a number of benefits, notably the ease and speed at which they are able to source their components. When dealing with a project that has such tight deadlines, being able to install a seamless entrance control solution, like the Glassgate 200, with minimal risk is an attractive prospect. Our client was very happy with the results.”

Accessibility and Security

Even just one IDL Fastlane can make all the difference for security and accessibility control, especially if your workspace is made up of limited people. Being easy and quick to use, on top of being a slick entrance-way as opposed to an eye-sore, an IDL Fastlane will fit right into any corporate building, for the most effective traffic control to suit your workplace.

Daniel Bedford, Head of Estates, Facilities & Security at Kirklees college., said: “Bridge Door Systems Ltd have completed a number of projects for the college, demonstrating professionalism throughout and always provide a seamless, quality installation”

“To help make the onsite installation as quick and straightforward as possible, we provided some additional training to the team at Bridge Door Systems Ltd.,” adds Phil Allen, Regional Sales Manager UK (Outside M25) & Eire at IDL. “And, to assist with any questions during installation, our team was always on hand to provide support if required. It was a smooth project to work on and I’m looking forward to many more like it.”

This is just detailing the impact of an IDL fastlane, not to mention our expert installation, guaranteeing longevity. To find out more about Bridge Door Systems Ltd products and services or to speak to them about their service packages, please call +44 (0)161 465 7256 or email