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Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation

Industrial Doors, in many ways,  may just be the biggest investment you make for your business. With this in mind it is essential that you get the right company for the project and beyond. For peace of mind and higher-quality workmanship, Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation will be worth paying more for.

Before making any purchase, Bridge Door Systems want to inform you of our Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation. Always look out for these as they are seen as a mark of promise. Our hard-work and safety-first approach has meant that we have a lot, to make our customers feel comfortable with our work.

The BDS team don’t just want to ensure the safety of our own workforce, but anyone else who may use the door system after the job is done. We have accreditation related to both manufacturing and installing, proving the top-quality of the material and the functionality.

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Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation – North West and North East

With every project there will be customer specifications, but our team also keep legal guidelines at front of mind too. Ensuring your industrial doors are compliant in line with current British standards/ DHF guidelines & machinery directive. Thankfully for you, our industrial doors are intricately manufactured to be as worksafe as possible.

Our team of expert door installers are on hand to deal with your security issues. This, for instance, includes your new commercial roller shutters and doors.

Even if there is a possibility of a breakdown, BDS’s repair services covers a 100 mile radius around Manchester. By clicking here, you will be able to learn about our Service and Maintenance services for any technical issues.

Bridge Door Systems cover the whole of North England, by having offices in both the North East and North West. With two work forces who have been trained to the highest standard, and thus have years of experience in the industry too.