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Fastlane Speedgates – Glassgate 200 Plus

If you’re looking for a security turnstile that offers multiple wide walkways, higher processing power and ethernet connectivity, then you need the Fastlane Glassgate 200 Plus. This specific gate features bi-directional, normally closed dual swinging glass barriers. Which, therefore, provide a slim pedestal entrance control security solution, suitable for a whole host of environments.

The Glassgate 200 comes as standard with a single glass swing barrier. Whereas the Glassgate 200 Plus model has been upgraded with dual panels of glass for standard and DDA lanes, and enables several DDA lanes to operate together. The 200 Plus is also wider and slightly longer than the 200 model.


Glassgate 200 Plus supplied by Bridge Door Systems

These barriers are available in various height options, from pedestal height to 1800mm for a standard lane width of 600mm. The standard enclosure is supplied using stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish.

Also having options for custom materials and finishes available on request. The pedestal top is stainless steel and features Black Quartz Corian inserts. To, therefore facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers.

BDS engineers have years of experience when it comes to working with entrance security. We current have two different offices. Our head office is based in Manchester, with our secondary offices being in Sedgefield. With two different offices, we are able to cover a vast amount of both the North East and the North West.

Glassgate 200 plus turnstile

Internal Security Services

This Glassgate is designed to open for an authorised user. Either a key, card or fob can be used to open up the glass barrier. From here is the option choose whether the barrier shuts straight behind the authorised person to ensure no tailgaters, or stay open to allow other authorised users to travel through. This tends to be used during peak times, either in the morning or later afternoon.

Once the Glassgate is closed, it will automatically sound a local alarm if someone enters without authorisation. If they try to push past the glass barriers then a louder alarm will be sounded. This secondary alarm can be linked to the CCTV systems as well as locking doors and controlling the elevators.

Overall, the Fastlane Glassgate 200 Plus offers amazing versatility. But most importantly, offers the ideal balance of protection and privacy – a very effective way of managing traffic. BDS install a variety of Fastlane Glassgate models, from 150 to 450 Plus.

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There are no other door and gate specialists who offer the flexibility of Bridge Door Systems.  As our engineers can work within any means – no room is too small for Fastlane Speedgates!

For further information on the different models of Fastlane Glassgates that Bridge Door Systems supply and install. Or any of the internal or external security solutions that we offer.

Please get in touch with one of the BDS team today. We are more than happy to talk through the different products that we work with. In order to find the right external security solution for your premises.