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Fire Certified Doors

If you’re looking for fire certified doors that provide style as well as substance, then look no further than Bridge Door Systems. We understand the important job that fire doors do. However we also understand that you want internal fire doors to look that part and that’s why our doors have been designed the way that they are.

BDS never compromise on safety or appearance. So blending the two together leads to the very best results, for the sake of the building and those within the building.

Independently tested & assessed, our certified fire doors have all the versatility & durability that you would expect from a Bridge Door System steel hinged door. In addition, also have an impressive full four-hour fire test rating. With such rigorous testing on each door before distribution, you are quite literally guaranteed safety.


Maximum Security Fire Certified Doors

Many customers believe that maximum security and safety has to be expensive. Bridge Door Systems, however, know that this is certainly not the case, as these doors don’t compromise on either! As a result, BDS can offer the most affordable prices on all fire certified door installations.

All of our fully bespoke fire certified doors can be made to your exact requirements. As well as having superior security features such as Astragal and Dog Bolt Hinges. A low level DDA approved threshold comes as standard.

Specifications and requirements most definitely don’t faze our Fire Door Specialists. As they are able to work within any means: any building with any exact necessities.

Not to mention, all of our fire doors are available with vision panels that have tested to a full four hours. On top of the louvre panels which have been tested up to 2 hours.

Fire shutters

What does a fire door test involve?

The door is always tested as a complete assembly. That means it’s fully fitted within a frame with all of the ironmongery and intumescent seals. The test environment will always be strictly controlled with both stringent safety and timing measures.

The overall aim is to achieve a fire rating that can be shown in minutes. That’s why we push to ensure that all of our doors are tested to the highest of standards in order to provide a high quality service.

Even if there is a hiccup down the line, Bridge Door Systems also offer excellent repair and maintenance services. Thus, being able to provide aftercare plans.

Contact BDS for Doors

They will be more than happy to talk you through the different internal and external security solutions. Out of what we provide and talk you through which would work best for your business entries and exits. Get ready to start planning your new door system with Bridge Door Systems, today.

BDS cover both the North West and the North East. For more information, or to see how a fire compliant door can improve the safety of your premises. Please get in touch with one of our team today.