Fastlane Speedgates – Glasswing

Who said security can’t be stylish? If you’re looking to add security barriers to your premise but you want something that has both style and substance, then why not take a look at the Glasswing model?

The elegant elliptical stainless steel enclosure model is a popular model of the Fastlane Speedgates range. The fast acting, normally closed, retracting glass wing barriers are suitable for applications requiring a medium level of security.

The Fastlane Glasswing model has dual retracting glass wing barriers, the enclosure is available in three widths for a Compact (550mm), Standard (600mm) and Wide (914mm for disabled access compliant to the DDA or ADA regulation) lanes widths. The wide enclosure option can provide 914, 660 and 550mm lane widths, the standard enclosure can provide 660mm and 550mm lane widths and the compact enclosure provides 550mm lane widths. The various enclosure options may be provided together for mixed lane width requirements. The enclosure is supplied using stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish. The standard pedestal top is 10mm low iron glass with an underside white finish, proximity readers are accommodated under the glass top. Stainless steel finish, that features Black Quartz Corian end caps to facilitate concealed or surface mounted card readers, options for other materials and finishes on request.

Commercial and Industrial Barriers

The  Glasswing is an optical turnstile with retracting glass barriers, it perfectly combines advanced optical technology with elegant wing-shaped barriers for not only rapid throughput but also intelligent tailgate detection.

The turnstile also contains Fastlane Connect technology, which is a control systems that allows web and online based control from a PC, tablet, smart phone or Fastlane’s Multilane Controller.

We understand that every business has different security needs and that’s why we make sure that every job we carry out is bespoke to that specific business. Our teams will visit your premise in order to make sure that the Speedgate you have chosen will fit correctly and carry out the security role you need it to carry out.

So if you think you could benefit from a Speedgate, or any of the other services that we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.