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Does your Commercial Property need a Turnstile System?


Turnstile Systems are incredibly popular in cities and big towns, in order to manage traffic much more effectively. These come in many different models and different systems, from speedgates to your typical turnstiles. There are many benefits, not just managing the traffic so we certainly recommend giving them a look.

With Bridge Door Systems on the case, then you are certainly guaranteed a long term solution built to last. We have a wide range of different Glassgate turnstile systems, from Glassgate 150 to Glassgate 450 plus. With such variety we recommend giving them a browse or our team can select one based on your specifications.

Bridge Door Systems tackle many different door and gate systems, like roller shutters, commercial gates, and many more. So, we can repair, replace and install different Turnstiles and Speedgates in order to keep your property secure.


What is a turnstile system?

Quite simply, a Turnstile System is a security system which gives a person access through an ID card, ticket or something similar. These are used purely for security and basically a barrier to keep unauthorised people out of the property. As you may know, there are many properties in which this is incredibly important and yours may match this criteria.

There’s so many different avenues you can take these systems. For instance they can be an excellent way of tracking attendance, as done in theme parks to measure peak traffic. And most commonly seen in transport facilities, as a means of bringing in payment enforcement with tickets.


What type of security is turnstile?

Turnstiles are a control system, often being located in high-end properties which house valuables, for instance banks or corporate offices. Through bringing increased security, definitely a touch to breach barrier even if there isn’t a security guard.

Full height turnstiles are very effective visual deterrents, being able to detect any would be threat and alert security. Criminals are stopped before they have the chance to carry out a criminal act all the time with these sensors. The best part of this is that these sensors are always on whilst the gates are functioning, safety proofing your property.

The reason why they are used in transport stations and theme parks is purely for analytics. To keep count of just how many people are actually using the facilities to find trends. This can actually be vital for one of these businesses, influencing prices and such.


Turnstile Systems at Bridge Door Systems

Bridge Door Systems are able to carry out any installation service of turnstile systems and speedgates facilities. By getting in touch with any of our team, you will be able to get this project done as soon as possible. We install more than this, installing a huge range of gate and door systems.

To get in touch with the Bridge Door Systems team, then all you need to do is fill out the contact form. Here you can give us your contact information along with your enquiries or questions. So to get in touch today just click here.