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Here at Bridge Door Systems we are proud to work hand in hand with DHF. DHF are a not for profit organisation that focuses solely on companies in the trade, those associated and dealing with locks and building hardware. As well as supplying industrial doors and shutters, doorsets, automated gates and domestic garage doors.

We are a part of the 500 members that have joined up with DHF. Being a member means we are a part of support network.

It also means our engineers are held to the high standard of the BSI standards committees. On top of meeting all the Health and Safety Executive and Trading Standards.

The Bridge Door Systems team has rich knowledge and well-needed experience. This blend guarantees the best installation. However, it is DHF who guarantee the high standard in product quality.

Being a part of DHF means you and all of our customers have that extra peace of mind. As they know our engineers have got the training and support from a large organisation. Their job is to make sure we can do our jobs to the best of our abilities. Thus, Bridge Door System’s customers are getting the best deal possible.

Industrial Doors and Shutters across the North East and North West

The Bridge Door Systems team have years of experience and professional training installing industrial doors. Overall, with everything taken into account, you will be in the best hands possible for a long-term door system.

Thus, if you are interested in any of the security services or products we provide. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.

Enquiries / Information

So if your business is based around the North West of England, whether that’s Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, Bury or Tameside, our engineers will travel to you in a time frame that suits you. To add to this, we offer free site surveys. To, thus, work out which of our products and service would be best for your premises and budget. If you’re looking for high speed shutters, steel hinged doors or just a replacement gate, please get in touch using our online form today. 

North West (Head Office)
1-3 Lodge Brow, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1AL 

0161 465 7256

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