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Car Park Barriers

In high-traffic areas it is equally important to keep both pedestrians and drivers as safe as possible.  Sometimes it can be more important to protect the pedestrian, and sometimes it can be more important to protect vehicles. However, this fact remains consistent throughout so consider Car Park Barriers.

And this is exactly why car park barriers are so important in and around a car park area. As business, property, and landowners it will be entirely your responsibility to keep customers safe. In addition to keeping your property protected too.

This is why investing in this simple protection system will prevent you from paying those hefty damage costs. Bridge Door Systems are manufacturers and suppliers of traffic barrier gate systems, helping Northern customers with their projects.


Why you need Car Park Barriers

Car Park Barriers are an effective way of managing your property. Not only are you controlling traffic both inside and outside, but you are able to keep reduce traffic-related costs.

This is a sound investment, and this is mainly down to the material. As even if a vehicle is to hit these barriers it should be able to withstand it. Protection Barriers are supposed to protect all parties, not protect one at the expense of another.

It is easy to confuse these with a car park traffic control system, for instance, an Island Barrier System. Thankfully the BDS team, specialises in a huge range of security gate systems and car park barriers. Making us the one-stop place for any door or gate system.


Three Different Car Park Barriers

There are three different types of car park protection barriers: Crash & Impact, Edge & Impact, and Hoop barriers.

Crash & Impact Barriers are specially manufactured with preventing property damage being the main intention. These Barriers can be as subtle as possible or can resemble a fence. These are often seen in car parks signposting just how careful you have to be in these settings.

Edge & Impact Barriers specifically protect walls and edges from being damaged by vehicles. However, they can also protect the vehicle if they are made out of foam. As a result of this, Edge & Impact Barriers are ideal for industrial settings.

Hoop Barriers are by far the most common, spotted in many car parks, outside workplaces & schools, and parks. Not only do these Protective Metal Hoops prevent damage, but they clearly mark areas as inaccessible. Steel and Iron finishes are available to ensure no damage from vehicles.


Barriers at Bridge Door Systems

From car park barriers to hinged gates, Bridge Door Systems manufactures an array of different security barriers. BDS takes many different accreditations seriously, to ensure the safety of our customers. Subsequently, we have gained a massive reputation for our attention to detail and safety.

Based in Radcliffe and Sedge Field, the BDS team covers every corner of North England. Each customer has a different budget yet all have a well-functioning reasonably priced barrier solution.

For queries and questions about security gates and car park barriers, get in touch. The BDS teams are always on hand to tackle tricky questions and provide solutions. To contact our team, click here.