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Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates

Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates have seen a rise in popularity in recent years across multiple different industries. To be more specific, cantilever gates protect different commercial environments. For instance warehouses, industrial estates, business parks, factories, car parks and even modern schools do to keep the premise secure.

Lock up shop with an Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate System to keep your commercial property out of working hours. Nothing will be as valuable to your business as this peace of mind, knowing full well that your workplace is thus protected.

At Bridge Door Systems, our cantilever gate solutions are manufactured and installed by our very own. This means that we are able to cater to different needs and expectations of a security barrier.

Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates

What Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates can do for your business?

Every town and city centre will have an abundance of different security gate systems, so why cantilever gates? Security is always the priority, and it’s easy to see why with the self-locking motors. The motors simply allow the gate to follow the track from one end to another to quickly yet safely lock.

With such innovation in cantilever sliding gate design, the myth of these being an eye-sore simply isn’t true.  There is nothing to worry about in terms of visual appeal as there are many design options. Starting with different materials, colours, and designs, meaning the BDS team will supply the gate system you want!

On the top of cutting-edge design, Cantilever Sliding Gates are flexible in design.  This makes them ideal in tight areas, due to the tracks instead of an axis. Thus, sloped driveways and awkward turns won’t get in the way of you protecting your business!

Spoilt for Choices?

As touched upon in the previous section, there is plenty to decide on during the planning stages. And with Bridge Door Systems manufacturing in-house, means this can be as specific as necessary. In addition to this, our team can upgrade old gate systems to transform them into automatic cantilever systems.

Size needs to be decided on as soon as possible, as your specifications will revolve around this. The first being single door or double door, depending on the amount of traffic. Followed by how high the gate should be, with the maximum being 11m for a single door cantilever gate.

Above all, both our engineering and manufacturing team ensure that BDS gate systems meet all regulations and requirements. Thus ensuring your security gate system is safely protecting you legally and through security.

How to begin the new gate project?

Starting your Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gates project will be as easy as contacting our team. The BDS team are always available to take questions and talk you through the process. And thankfully for Northern customers, we cover the entirety of North England, get in touch by clicking here.

Bridge Door Systems have headquarters in Radcliffe, North West, and Sedge Field, North East. Alternatively, if you can’t contact us through the week via telephone. Customers are welcome to pop into our Radcliffe and Sedge Field workplaces to discuss projects.