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Arm Barriers

Arm Barriers are the most recognisable car park barrier system to help control the flow of traffic. Every car park for whatever reason will need at least one Arm Barrier, if not two. This applies to basic town parking as much as it does to commercial car park areas in more populated areas.

These don’t necessarily have to be in a car park but can be used as an entryway on industrial estates. Just showing that they have flexibility which you can use to perfectly suit your business. Barrier Systems are made to last, withstanding bad weather and ultimately fulfilling your security needs.

This isn’t all, Bridge Door Systems have a range of different gate and barrier systems ready to install. By covering the whole of North England, BDS is able to protect commercial property from any potential danger.

Why would Arm Barriers be suitable for your business?

In short, an Arm Barrier System is made to pace traffic flow so car parks and industrial estates aren’t overcrowded. A simple car park barrier system paces the ins and outs, most commonly used for payments. For commercial estates, it is always better to have the ability to grant access. This prevents people who aren’t customers from parking in your spaces and keeps out trespassers. Above all it prevents misuse across the board, keeping your premises up and running.

Many additions are available, for instance, the most common being camera systems. These will be used for security reasons, ensuring there is no damage caused. However, heating and cooling systems are another addition to ensure they can run all year round.

Automatic vs Manual

Arm Barrier Systems come in both automatic and manual, so which is best? Finding the best might not be objectively provable. However, finding the best suited to your business will be an important task. Automatic Arm Barriers, as the name suggests, function automatically through the use of terrain operating. These are recommended for any modern car park in towns and city centres, even some more commercial business estates. Through the sensors and access control system, these can basically work the exact way you want them to.

Manual Arm Barriers are effective when it comes to security and having more control over traffic. Requiring just a touch of a button, perfect if you need that flexibility in control, for instance in holiday parks. However, a downside is a fact that you will need an operator to allow it to function as intended.

Barrier and Gate Systems at BDS

Bridge Door Systems are specialists when it comes to installing different barrier and gate systems. Give yourself more freedom with one of these, controlling traffic or protecting customers. The one thing you don’t have to worry about is an installation from our team!

There is a variety of different arm barriers to choose from, so get in touch with our team first. BDS can provide all of the professional advice and inspiration needed for you to make the right choice. For further information and questions, get in touch with BDS by clicking here.