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What Are Fastlane Turnstiles and Gates?

Fastlane speed gates Sedgefield

Fastlane turnstiles and gates secure many of the world’s most iconic buildings from high-profile government buildings and universities to the top social media sites and leisure facilities. Furthermore, are designed with innovative technology and aesthetics to match. They provide high security coupled with a very visible deterrent and can be installed in a variety of different applications for the use of manned and unmanned sites.

All glass security turnstiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but designed to be incorporated in any architecturally designed building.

What’s more, the Fastlane systems Bridge Door use are the very latest in high-tech entrance control systems for pedestrian throughput. Despite the modern technology used, it is as simple as revolving doors moving when an authorised card is present. So, this ensures that the access control system performs its function – authorised users gaining access.

 Why Invest in Turnstiles and Gates?

Fastlane optical turnstiles use glass barriers as a physical deterrent and continue to serve as an industry standard in an effective entrance control strategy. They can provide a seamless security experience and visually complement any lobby, a critical feature for architects and designers. Fastlane Turnstiles allow customization for almost every element of the turnstile pedestal, including the type of exterior material, the colour, and the finish.

Moreover, turnstiles and glass turnstiles have become significantly more than just a physical barrier to prevent unauthorised entry – they are now more intelligent and work as an integrated component of your overall entrance security infrastructure. Fastlane systems use infrared sensors to accurately pinpoint individuals’ size, shape, and speed passing through the lane.

Types of Turnstiles and Gates

 Here at Bridge Doors Systems, we supply an extensive range of glass turnstiles and gates. So, if you are looking for accessible gate height turnstiles, then the Glassgate 44 Plus is the one for you, this extended model is a premium Fastlane accessible entrance speed gate and is particularly suited to high-security applications.

Another type of security door which is commonly used is a revolving door that secures and protects areas of a building against unauthorised entry and offers a variety of options for various levels of security. Plus, we supply more security turnstiles.

Who Has Excess To Your Building?

 Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing a building and assets. Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing a building and assets.

Once chassis brace access control systems are installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without authorised access is unable to enter. If necessary, doors may be set to unlock during a designated period, such as for a contractor who may be on-site for a limited period.

Would Like To Know More? Contact Us!

Here at Bridge Door we offer Fastlane systems, consisting of full height turnstiles, to customers. We know the importance of security and how to get the most out of different gate systems. Thus, the experienced BDS team is always ready to install new gate systems.

To contact Bridge Door Systems for any inquiries regarding Fastlane Speedgates. Contact us by telephone or alternatively by email or walk-ins to our head offices in Radcliffe.

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