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Types and Benefits of Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors

Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy efficiency and sustainability, businesses are increasingly turning to innovative solutions. This is to reduce their environmental impact and operational costs. One crucial aspect of this endeavour is the implementation of Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors.

Bridge Door Systems recognises the significance of this trend and offers a diverse range of doors. These are specifically designed to enhance energy efficiency across various industries.

Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors: Insulated Doors

One of the key offerings from Bridge Door Systems is insulated doors. Specifically designed with materials like foam or fibreglass to prevent heat transfer between rooms. These doors play a pivotal role in maintaining consistent temperatures within commercial spaces.

In environments where climate control is imperative, insulated doors act as a barrier against heat loss. This applies to settings such as warehouses, cold storage facilities, or manufacturing plants. Therefore, this ensures energy efficiency by reducing the need for continuous heating or cooling.

Double or Triple Glazed Doors

Bridge Door Systems also provides double or triple-glazed doors, featuring multiple layers of glass with inert gas, such as argon, filled in between. So, this construction enhances thermal insulation and minimises heat transfer. This makes these doors ideal for spaces that require heightened insulation, such as offices, conference rooms, or high-traffic areas.

The innovative design of these doors not only ensures energy efficiency but also contributes to a controlled indoor environment. As a result, this promotes productivity and well-being among occupants.

Low-E (Low Emissivity) Doors

For businesses seeking doors that offer year-round energy efficiency, Bridge Door Systems offers Low-E doors. These doors are equipped with Low-E coatings applied to the glass surfaces, so minimise heat transfer.

During winters, Low-E doors reflect heat back into the room, keeping interiors warm and reducing the need for excessive heating. In the scorching summer months, these doors prevent the influx of heat, thus contributes to a cooler indoor environment. Low-E doors find applications in various commercial settings, including hotels, retail spaces, and educational institutions.


Weatherstripped Doors

Addressing the issue of air leakage and energy loss, Bridge Door Systems provides weatherstripped doors. These doors feature integrated weatherstripping around the edges, so creates a tight seal when closed. This sealing mechanism prevents the escape of conditioned air and restricts the entry of external air, thus reducing the workload on HVAC systems.

Weatherstripped doors are particularly beneficial in spaces with high foot traffic, such as malls, airports, or hospitality establishments. Or more specifically, any place where maintaining a comfortable indoor climate is essential.

Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors: Energy Star-Rated Doors

Bridge Door Systems emphasises its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency by offering doors with Energy Star certification. These doors meet specific energy efficiency criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Therefore, Businesses investing in Energy Star-rated doors can be confident in their contribution to reducing energy consumption.

These doors may incorporate a combination of the aforementioned energy-efficient features. So, these provide a comprehensive solution for commercial spaces aiming to optimise energy use and lower operational costs.

Automatic Doors with Sensor Technology:

One of the standout solutions in Bridge Door Systems’ portfolio is the Automatic Doors with Sensor Technology. These doors are equipped with advanced sensors that detect movement, allowing them to open and close seamlessly. This innovative technology not only enhances accessibility but also plays a pivotal role in energy conservation.

By regulating airflow and minimising the duration of open-door instances, these doors significantly reduce energy waste. In addition to energy efficiency, the automatic doors provide a touchless and convenient entry solution. As a result, this makes them ideal for high-traffic commercial spaces.

Revolving Doors:

Renowned for their energy-saving capabilities, Revolving Doors offered by Bridge Door Systems stand as a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability. These doors operate on a unique principle, thus allowing only one section to open at a time.

This design minimises air infiltration, thereby reducing heat loss or gain. In environments where maintaining a consistent indoor temperature is crucial, such as shopping malls or office buildings, revolving doors prove to be an effective solution. The elegant and space-efficient design adds aesthetic appeal while contributing to significant energy savings.

Composite Doors:

Bridge Door Systems introduces Composite Doors as a versatile solution that combines various materials. So, this includes wood, PVC, and insulating foam core. This amalgamation results in doors with enhanced thermal insulation properties compared to traditional wooden doors.

The composite construction not only ensures durability and strength but also acts as a barrier against temperature fluctuations. These doors are particularly valuable in settings where temperature control is essential, such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities. The customisable design options further cater to the aesthetic preferences of diverse industries.

Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors: Airlock Doors:

For industries demanding stringent control over internal temperature and air quality, Bridge Door Systems offers Airlock Doors. These double-door systems are designed to ensure that one door must be closed before the other can be opened. By preventing direct airflow between indoor and outdoor spaces, airlock doors helping to maintain a stable internal environment.

These doors find application in pharmaceutical facilities, cleanrooms, and other settings where precision and control are imperative. The energy-saving benefits of airlock doors contribute not only to operational efficiency but also to long-term cost savings.

Fire-rated Doors with Insulation:

Bridge Door Systems addresses both safety and energy efficiency concerns with their Fire-rated Doors equipped with insulation. These doors are designed with materials that not only provide robust fire protection. But this also contributes to energy conservation by minimising heat transfer.

This dual functionality makes them a wise investment for spaces where both safety and energy efficiency are top priorities, such as hospitals, laboratories, or industrial facilities. The insulation ensures that the doors contribute to the overall thermal efficiency of the building. Ultimately this makes them an essential component of a holistic energy management strategy.


Commercial Energy-Efficient Internal Doors Installation

Bridge Door Systems offers a comprehensive range of commercial energy-efficient internal doors, each catering to specific needs and industries. From enhancing thermal insulation to utilising sensor technology, these doors provide businesses with effective tools to reduce energy consumption.

As a result, our customers can experience lower operational costs and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Not to mention, health and safety all in check due to our SafeContractor accreditation.