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Why install a Steel Hinged Door in your workplace?

Steel Hinged Door

A Steel Hinged Door is quite probably the most popular door for both corporate and industrial business sites. Most often seen as merely a Fire Exit, a steel door has this popularity for being the all-rounder. The versatility of these doors makes them a cost-efficient option that will fulfill different needs.

Quality is guaranteed with steel doors, having to undergo both UK and European standard tests before distribution. This means that lengthy integrity and insulation examinations will be carried out so the material is of the highest standard. In addition to acoustic and security test and fire test standards which all need to be completed before supplying.

Meeting all safety requirements and standards, along with an effective installation, Bridge Door Systems goes the extra mile for customers. The BDS team has both the training and experience installing and repairing door systems across the UK.


How are Steel Hinged Doors used?

Above all else, a Steel Hinged Door will be used for safety and security, due to the hardware. Latches, Locks, and mortice deadlocks are all built into the door to guarantee security on your premise. These work together with the hinges and flush bolts to keep this as a one-way accessible door.

Despite how important the security aspect is, there needs to be a weight-to-strength balance. Using galvanized steel to form a 42mm thick door unit with folded edges. These edges are used for both additional panel strength and allow for additional mobility.

The designs of steel doors depend on your specifications and building requirements. Available as both single and double doors, you have the choice of side panels, all of the different glazing, sizes. After this, the doors can be finished in stainless steel, PPC, and topped off with any BS or RAL colour.


Where would you find a Steel Hinged Door?

In every venue, corporate building, and even shops, you will find at least one Steel Hinged Door. This is because they require the least amount of maintenance yet provide the most upsides. Notably, fitting into every environment being corrosion resistant, temperature resistant, and blocking out external noise.

For a more corporate setting, the emphasis will be on a basic fire exit function or to minimise access. It is expected that most buildings will have at least one fire exit to protect customers and workers. On the other hand, you may decide to use these to section off a back room to deny customer access.

In business parks and industrial estates, Steel Hinged Doors are used for their insulation and stubbornness. Keep the noise out and the heat in, as effective use of these doors would be pairing them with a ventilation system. This will make sure you have the flexibility to keep your working environment in your desired condition throughout the year.

Need a new door system?

There is no need to struggle over the plan with Bridge Door Systems. Our team will work with you for the ideal system, at the most reasonable price on the market. We never compromise on quality and ensure all of our Steel Hinged Doors meet BS EN 9001 Quality Assurance Standards.

If you are interested in a new door system from Bridge Door Systems, contact our team. The BDS team is always available for inquiries, questions, and professional advice on your door and gate systems. Get in touch with BDS, by clicking here.