External gates are an incredibly important part of your perimeter surround. So it’s essential than you choose the right style of gate for your premises. Every business has different security needs, and we understand that it’s not a case of one security gate fits all. Here at Bridge Door System, we have been in the security industry for years. During this time we have grown in knowledge and experience. Our team of skilled engineers are able to design, supply and install all manner of external and internal gates, shutters and more.

When it comes to choosing your new gate, there are a few key things that you need to consider.

There needs to be an initial risk assessment taken out in order to identify any hazards, threats as well as the immediate and long term use of the site. Your gate engineer will also talk to you about the day to day uses. If it’s going to be used by pedestrians as well as vehicles then there are certain regulations that need to be adhered too. This is to insure the entrances for those are far enough apart. Again, these are all things that your Bridge Door Systems team will talk you through.

You also have the choice between a manual or automatic gate. You can then choose between sliding gates, bi-folding gates, cantilever gates, tracked gates and many more. The options will all be tailored to your premise’s needs.

Gate Maintenance Bolton

Our teams don’t just leave once the gates have been installed. We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan which ensures that your gates and external security systems effectively work for years to come.

If your current security systems are in need of an upgrade, whether that’s your sliding gates, glass turnstiles or even your loading bay equipment. Our team are here to help!