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Sectional Overhead Doors Installation North East

Sectional Overhead Doors Installation

Bridge Door Systems North East recently undertook a project to upgrade sectional overhead doors for a client. Our new County Durham base makes it so much easier for us to tackle Sectional Overhead Doors Installation projects around the North East.

With this job, there were many faults with the customer’s sectional overhead doors. We had to survey six-door systems and found them all to be old in disrepair and outdated to current legislation.

The client expressed concerns regarding the compliance and functionality of the doors. So, was not overly surprised that the original doors installed needed to be updated in adherence to present-day safety standards.


Initial Assessment of these Sectional Overhead Doors

Upon inspection, it was found that all six doors were non-compliant with modern safety standards. Sectional overhead doors are subject to a comprehensive regulatory framework aimed at safeguarding the well-being of users. These doors must adhere to relevant UK safety regulations such as the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and the European Standard EN 13241-1:2003.

Our client also wanted to include electrical operation. And that’s no surprise because electric sectional overhead doors are becoming the norm nowadays. This is as a result of their convenience compared to traditional manual doors. Users can effortlessly control the doors, and automated sectional doors eliminates the need for manual operation and streamlines access to the premises.

The assessment revealed several issues, thus rendering the doors unsafe for operation. The client was promptly informed of the findings and the decision was made to replace the doors rather than attempting repairs.

Project Scope

The project scope entailed the installation of six new sectional doors, with our priority being the compliance with the latest safety standards. Ultimately, the client desired a contemporary electric door system which is our speciality.


Sectional Overhead Doors Installation 6 Alpha standard lift SOHDs with TS959 control panels

The client placed the order in February 2024, so the team then planned the project logistics. Specifically how to carry out the door installations and follow the required-on site safety standards. Whilst also meeting suitable operational times for us to be onsite to cause the least disruption.

The project was completed on schedule, with all works finalised by the week ending 19th April. Afterwards, the client expressed high satisfaction with the product. They now have plans to further enhance the aesthetics of their facility by painting the cladding to match the newly installed doors.