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Save money with Energy Efficient Doors

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The immediate worry with commercial door systems is that they come at an additional cost. However, with Energy Efficient High Speed Doors, this will no longer be your worry. Bridge Door Systems update door systems across the North East and North West, saving our customer’s money with these doors.

Being more than just door specialists, Bridge Door Systems are barrier and gate specialists too. Working across many different commercial and industrial environments, our engineers are able to fit them to suit your specifications.

Energy Efficient High Speed Doors are practical for many reasons. Starting at increasing security and managing traffic. Being insulated, they of course maintain thermal control and reduce energy loss. Which is essential for this time of year. By increasing security and saving energy, these doors are the best investment, especially if you are looking long term.

Different High Speed Door Systems

These Door Systems are common in industrial estates and warehouses. And come as internal, external and food hygiene applications.

Internal high-speed doors are for frequent use. Making for secure internal areas through tight sealing and pressure resistance. Thanks to high speed doors, you are saving so much more energy, from low temperatures to high temperatures. BDS offer Self Repair Doors which can reduce annual and maintenance costs, effective in both price and functionally.

External high-speed doors are for warehouse openings, installed behind roller shutters for maximum security. These doors aim to bring a more comfortable working environment in industrial settings. With protectors preventing weather damage and reducing noise pollution. These are popular in garages, warehouses and especially food preservation facilities, reducing odour pollution and maintaining a steady temperature.

Food & Hygiene Applications are doors that are built to maintain steady conditions to meet hygiene regulations. Thanks to the speed and remarkable insulation, these high speed doors are excellent at efficiently preserving food supplies.

Bridge Door Systems offer all of these door systems. As well as this, are also able to work to meet your most specific requirements. Our engineering team have the experience and flexibility to suit different spaces, material and insulation needs.

 BDS Door Systems

Ideally, it isn’t the best idea to look for bargains for security. However, Bridge Door Systems focus on affordability, rather than being a cheap alternative.

As well as this, our high speed door systems work with any control systems, being as easy-to-use or as complex as you desire.

For a frequently used warehouse door, you may choose an easy push button or on the other hand, a remote control system. For a loading bay, you may choose a more complicated dead man operation control system, to cover more needs.

Most of our automatic doors have pre-installed safety brakes and light cells to fit with British regulations. With many years’ experience, our door system engineers have in-depth knowledge of all the intricacies of door installation. The BDS team will be able to install door systems safely and effectively to minimalise aftercare.

Bridge Door Systems will install any high speed door system, internal, external or food & hygiene applications. For North East customers, contact us here. And for North West customers, contact us here.