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SafeContractor Accreditation

SafeContractor are a founding member of SSIP, pioneers of building towards a safer, more effective construction industry. This is in addition to their PAS91 contractor accreditation scheme, which will minimise risk within your business. SafeContractor Accreditation schemes allow them to protect and further the success of your projects.

This is exactly why Bridge Door Systems are SafeContractor approved, taking this accreditation very seriously. Each one of our accreditations has their own advantages and functions so we can provide the best services possible. If you have been struggling to find door and gate specialists, the search is over thanks to BDS!

SafeContractor’s SSIP Partnership

SSIP Registration indicates a level of efficiency within your health & safety management to customers. For employees it shows that as an employer you are dedicated to keeping them protected in the workplace. The aim is to make everything meet the standards of the Core Criteria, but we can also help with health & safety policies.

What sets SafeContractor’s SSIP apart from the rest is the full safety assessment at a reasonable price. The assessment complies what we deem the most important parts of similar assessment services for the best results. Price is determined based upon size of business, starting at £359.

SafeContractor Accreditation lasts a year and gives you a level of reliability when it comes to safety. So join SafeContractor today to secure your industry reputation.

How PAS91 will benefit you

PAS91 aims to eliminate any threat or risk which may lead to a negative effect on your business. Rather than focusing on practice, PAS291 mainly focuses on ethics, functionality and efficiency. This way we can allow your construction company to function in the healthies way possible.

Start by filling out our sustainability questionnaire and your sustainability status will be shown on your profile. This way you will be able to work with similarly sustainable companies, as well as other people seeing how sustainable you are. The purpose of this is to find the most suitable supply chain, whether it’s meeting ethical expectations or overall quality.

PAS291 can cover things starting from, an anti-bribery policy to prevent any type of internal corruption. In addition to, Building Information Modelling to improve the design and manufacturing of buildings. And finally, Data Protection to ensure personal information is used fairly and responsibly.

BDS SafeContractor Accreditation Schemes

Bridge Door Systems are proud holders of a number of accreditation, in addition to considering them during the employment process. As a result, Bridge Door Systems ensure not just safety but provide high quality services fairly. We certainly recommend SafeContractor to any businesses within the construction industry!

With each one of our systems, comes a number of different quality checks to undergo before installation. This is to ensure you are paying for the quality you were after. Not to mention just how experienced our installation engineers are with doors, gates, barriers, etc.

To get your project under way as soon as possible, the BDS team are ready to get started. All you need to do is fill in the contact form on our website.