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Roller Shutter door designs and functionalities to suit your needs!

Industrial Door Systems: Breaking Down the Jargon

Here at Bridge Doors Systems, we have a long family history in the industrial door and gate industry. Due to this, we have an expert understanding of clients’ site-specific requirements, ranging from minor repairs to multiple new door/perimeter systems. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive range of Roller Shutter Doors, door designs and functionalities to suit your needs. Our experienced team are on-hand to work with your expectations and specifications in mind.

Standard AND INSULATED Roller Shutters

Our uninsulated Standard Roller Shutters are over an entrance doorway and have been purposely designed to suit openings up to 10m in height/width. With a full range of curtain types available, from uninsulated to higher performance insulated. An insulated door has increased climate control benefits; it retains heat (or cold) and noise, adding to healthier-looking energy bills, which come with a full range of opening speeds and control systems. Additionally, ranges from push buttons to a fully automated system with all the necessary safety features.

All doors are available in various finishes including; galvanised, plastisol coated and a full range of high-quality powder coating, including marine/C5i grade, finishes. Perforated & punched lath options are also available where airflow & ventilation to certain areas is critical.

Industrial Roller Shutters

Industrial Roller Shutters are the most popular shutters for industrial and Agricultural applications. It’s one of the most versatile and cost-effective roller shutter types. It has plenty of specifications to outline to meet your tastes. These are most commonly found in industrial estates, seen in loading bays, garages, and much more. However, they are also popular in commercial buildings in city centres for additional protection.
Furthermore, these shutters provide a high level of security and have been designed for frequent and heavy usage. Thus, making them practical during busy times and giving you peace of mind when closed. Ultimately, your door system will always need to control traffic; and this is an effective way of doing so.

Commercial Roller Shutters

Bridge Door System’s Commercial Roller shutters are versatile products that can be fitted in more or less any situation/environment or location. Additionally, the roller shutter doors can be customised with various control options, keeping your premises safe and secure. Therefore, the product is designed to be a physical deterrent to any attempts on a property. Also, it can be tailored to your needs and specification even when planning permission is required.
Moreover, Bridge Door Systems will ensure that style and substance are provided. Thus, we offer all of our doors in different finishes. For instance, galvanised, plastisol coated and a full range of high-quality powder coating including marine/C5i grade finishes. Perforated & punched lath options are also available where airflow & ventilation to certain areas is critical.

BDS 195 Roller Shutter Doors

Also, we provide a 1.95 insulated roller shutter which has been specially created to have an impressively reduced weight compared to other roller shutter doors. Not only is it incredibly light (standard lath in 0.38 mm galvanised steel with a transparent coating is comparable in weight to a 1.100 D aluminium lath), but it also moves and works quietly. As well as providing increased security, they are weather resistant and have sound and thermal insulation. Therefore, most suited to areas where you need sound control, e.g. warehouses and industrial estates.

BDS ISO-SL Roller Doors

our BDS ISO-SL Roller Doors, a slightly curved form of the ALU profile, secure the door’s smooth operation. The unique, soft PVC reinforcement inside the lamella ensures that sound is absorbed even by maximum opening speed. The inner reinforcement has a thermal bridge placed between the inner and outer sides of the roller, due to which the thermal permeability is reduced.

To find out more, visit our website or call and speak to an experienced team member!