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Railings and Guard Rails

For all the barrier and gate systems we offer Railings and Guard Rails can be just as useful. Railings and Guard Rails are excellent investments as basically any multi-functional security barrier.

Railings can be used on bridges, in parks, busy cities, shopfronts, schools, sports courts, carparks and much more.  This is just a brief collection of different settings you may find them, but it is entirely up to you. Use them as barriers, security gates, entryways, you name it!

In short, there is nothing these railings can’t do for you and the public. And to add to this Bridge Door Systems can accommodate any needs, regulations or requirements.


How will you use these Railings and Guard Rails?

The most common use of Railings is as a Pedestrian Barrier. In busy traffic areas you will see plenty guard rails to prevent people walking out into the road. Above all versatility takes the spotlight; Pedestrian Barriers will be in towns, cities, public footpaths and bridleways.

As a result of being made from condensed metals, Railings are known for being durable. Even if vehicle is to hit them, this won’t necessarily ruin them. Thus, making them a cost efficient long-term solution as a pedestrian barrier.

Something which goes under the radar is just how important aesthetics are to guard rails. Some colour finishes will fit better into different settings. For instance, for a town with more bold aesthetics a black finish will be applied to fit in.


Control traffic with Guard Rails

An additional way in which Railings and Guard Rails are used is to control traffic. This is due to being such an effective way of guiding pedestrians and spectators a specific way. For instance their use on footpaths will be to clearly establish where the path is.

Other uses of this would be on AstroTurf and playing fields, in which they would be used for spectators. This is used in town centre often to quite clearly highlight that a place is out of bounds for vehicles.

Additionally, there are many different types of Guard Rail Systems each different heights and models. The most common types are Standard, Radius, Freestanding, Parapet and Top-Fix Guard Rails. Each fulfills a different health and safety necessity in many different settings, internally and externally.

Rail Systems at Bridge Door Systems

Bridge Door Systems have been providing different security barriers for many years. So, we have that experience and training needed to carry out a professional railing system installation. To add to this, BDS are members of DHF, meaning our team take regulations and safety very seriously.

By starting with a free site survey to understand the project at hand and to provide you with a detailed quotation.  From here our team will be able to get your project in the works as soon as possible. Fortunately for Northern Customers, Bridge Door System cover the entirety of both the North West and North East.

For any questions, queries and worries get in touch with our team. Outline budget and get answers to your important questions about our gate and barrier systems by clicking here.