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Pedestrian Barriers for Crowd Management

Pedestrian Barriers

As a business owner, Pedestrian Barriers are necessary for crowded areas, both internal and external. No matter what happens this will most certainly be your responsibility, however, it can be effective for you. Controlling such hectic settings can only be of benefit to your commercial property setting.

Maximise safety and organisation with different Pedestrian Barrier Systems suited to your needs. This can be everything as small as retractable belt barriers to effective security gates & turnstiles.

When it comes to Indoor Barrier Systems, industry-leading Bridge Door Systems is the place to go. Our team provide internal systems up and down the country at a reasonable price. In short, Bridge Door Systems is the home of door and gate systems


Where are Pedestrian Barriers used?

Pedestrian Barriers can be anything you make of them, so we will run you through a few different uses. Firstly, Safeguarding will be an essential one for keeping everyone safe in a hectic, crowded area. Suitable for venues, stadiums, busy roads, no matter the appearance all of these perform this function.

Pedestrian Barrier Systems also provide directions, guiding pedestrians down a specific pathway. By having this organisation it will make your property much easier to navigate thus quieter in different areas. For instance customers won’t be wandering into the wrong area thus not over-populating this hallway or room.

A combination of the both, plastic pedestrian barriers are most often seen to guide pedestrians past hazards and construction sites. These are very easy to move and most can be seen at night due to their high visibility colours. An underrated factor is that they are highly resistant to damage, so provides even more safety for pedestrians.


Crowd Management Barrier Solutions

Crowd Management Barriers can be used anywhere, internally and externally in any location. By controlling crowds it will definitely make the workplace easier to cope with for staff. As a business owner, this will most definitely see the best output from your team if the settings are suitable.

The best example being retractable belt barriers used for queues in any retail setting. However there is much more use than just this, many can be seasonal or situation. For instance these very barriers were used during the COVID Pandemic to control ins and outs.

As you can imagine these come in many different forms and models. The most standard being steel barricades and plastic pedestrian barricades as previously mentioned. Or can be Stanchion Barriers (Post and Rope Barriers) and retractable barriers.


Barrier Systems at Bridge Door Systems

For different barrier, door and gate systems get in touch with the Bridge Door Systems team. Our team covers both the North East and North West providing these systems to Northern customers. Barrier Systems at BDS paired with our installation services are the long-term solution for you.

Even if you aren’t entirely sure on a system, you will be able to work with our team. With their years of experience in the industry, they will be able to give you the much-needed advice. So to contact the BDS team click here.