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Overhead Sectional Door System Emergency Call-Out

Overhead Sectional Door System

It goes without saying that Bridge Door Systems are exceptional when it comes to providing door system services. This is quite clearly the case in our most recent job, in which we recently supplied and installed an Overhead Sectional Door System. Rather than being a project, this system installation was an emergency call-out.

Many customers choose Overhead Sectional Doors as a durable solution for their commercial or industrial settings. Most commonly seen in garages and showrooms, these are very energy efficient keeping as much heat in as possible. In this case, the customer was really on board with how these doors maximise security.

Bridge Door Systems have two very experienced teams in both corners of the North. This Case Study will explain our recent sectional door project and how it has benefited our customer. From the enquiry stage to the aftersales, Bridge Door Systems have a very efficient process for every project.


What happened with this Emergency Call-Out?

Emergency Call-OutOur most recent job was a large door installation service in which our team had to install numerous systems. After a month of trespassers and significant damage to the previous sectional door system, our customer made the investment.  With a brief out of hours call, our engineers were able to attend the site immediately.

Not only did our team look to modernise, BDS completely overhauled these systems. The BDS team were able to analysis and run a diagnosis on these sectional doors and quickly ordered replacements.  In the meantime, an electrical roller shutter door system was put in place for temporary security.

When the BDS order came, our team got straight to work installing the Overhead Sectional Door System. Compared to the older system, our panels were very durable and don’t have obvious target areas. In short, only use as much door as you need at the time!

A Brand New Overhead Sectional Door System

Emergency Call-OutThis case study highlights just how effective and reliable the Bridge Door Systems Emergency Call Out team are. Within an hour of the call being made, the BDS engineers were on the scene solving the problem. Fortunately for you, this applies to all of our customers no matter the hour or problem.

If you are in need of a repair, immediate maintenance support and replacements, BDS is the place. This applies to both our North West and North East offices, with a team always ready to jump into action. Even during the night, Bridge Door Systems are extremely responsive and will guarantee you get the help required.

Emergency Call-Out at BDS

Bridge Door Systems are the door and gate system specialists for Northern England. Emergency Call-OutThis doesn’t mean just sectional systems, but also roller shutters, high speed doors, barriers and gates. In short, there isn’t a door system we manufacture that won’t add something to your commercial property.

We guarantee success, having a range of different accreditation and partnerships with huge names. At Bridge Door Systems we work to make the project as convenient as possible for customers in every way. For immediate inquiries or an emergency call-out, all you need to do is fill in our contact form!