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NVQ Accreditation

NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) are a very important qualification across England, Wales & Northern Ireland. These will be much needed in any kind of job, but especially in the construction industry. In regards to Scotland, Scottish Vocational Qualifications can vary so may differ from NVQs.

NVQs and SVQs will outline your exact skills and talent based on national standard within that field of work. Most commonly, these are the ideal building block to launch your career within construction. Each qualification will have a number of different levels and further additions to your course.

Many within our workforce have a NVQ related to the door and gate industry. Followed by training and experience, as a result of Bridge Door Systems. Bridge Door Systems have a host of different accreditations, which are important to us and our customers.

What is a National Vocational Qualifications?

Regarded as a benchmark qualification, NVQs test different skills based on how you perform during work-based tasks. Firstly, an observation is carried out of you on the job to see if you can confidently complete the job. Followed by a portfolio, built up with evidence found of what you have carried out at work.

In terms of convenience, these can be completed at any time. Available to those in full-time and part-time work, in addition to students studying similar areas. Nor are there any age limits or specific requirements needed in order to take the course.

The whole purpose of these is for candidates to learn and observe, to teach them exactly how to carry out these jobs. So by taking approach, it will teach applicants in the most practical ways of carrying out each job. Upon receiving your certificate, you should have a reasonable amount of experience with construction projects.

NVQ in the Construction Industry

NVQ has a huge presence in the Construction Industry, notable experience to build you into a nationwide professional. From here, BDS can provide on the job training until you become completely confident with the job. Another important factor is that this keeps you up to date with industry standards and best practice.

The most popular are Level 3 NVQ Construction Contracting Operations and Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations Management. Courses such as these will teach you how to operate health, safety, welfare and information systems. Higher level courses honing in on even the most intricate of details to further your development and experience.

Bridge Door Systems: NVQ Accreditation

Bridge Door Systems have plenty of current engineers who learnt their trade with the help of NVQ. This is the ideal system to get you industry trained as soon as possible, without compromising on standards. And ultimately is the best way to get into the industry too!

Additionally, if you are looking for a new door or gate system supplied and installed by professionals get in touch. The BDS team have all of the necessary accreditations and experience to carry out your new barrier project. This is the ideal way of guaranteeing safety and security within your domestic and commercial environments.