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The Importance of Loading Bay Equipment

Loading bay equipment

Quality loading bay equipment helps to optimize your business, allowing you to work at a higher capacity, putting you at the forefront of distribution and delivery. However, for your loading bay to have a constant positive impact on your business, you need good quality and trustworthy equipment.

The intention will be to save time and bring efficiency and cohesion to a warehouse or industrial setting. And being flexible for different vehicles is the key to an effective loading bay.


BDS Specialists in Loading Bay Equipment

Bridge Door Systems are specialists in Loading Bay Equipment, meaning we can both supply and install equipment. You are in the best hands possible for both updating your old loading bay and constructing a new loading bay.

Loading Bays and Loading equipment will always be a huge addition to a business, being an asset as well as convenience. However, they can be a very easy way of losing money too. The right equipment is undoubtedly important, nonetheless, the right system is especially important – this is where you reap the benefits.

A high-quality, well-organized loading bay will ensure efficiency as well as safe working conditions.

So, what makes up a Loading Bay?

The first thing your suppliers or couriers will see when approaching your Loading Bay is your dock shelter. Dock Shelters need to be durable, weatherproof, and most importantly secure; all to protect your supplies. These will need to be the right size for vehicles of different sizes, so you don’t affect the building.

To further vehicle support, Dock Levellers are essential for getting the supplies into the vehicle and need to be versatile. The ideal solution is a swing lip leveller, for standard-size vehicles, and a telescopic lip leveller for when the greater range is required. The BDS team will be able to make the most out of the space to allow you to control traffic.


Protect your Commercial Setting

To protect your warehouse you will most certainly need Bumpers, to help deal with the constant pressure on the building. Bumpers will control the whole operation, from height to any slopes, to ensure the most convenience possible.

A Set of Loading Bay Ancillaries may just save you in the long term, both financially and literally. Ancillaries make certain areas inaccessible for cars and can be a sign of caution too, preventing crashes. This simple health and safety will be worth the peace of mind!

BDS Loading Bay Equipment

Now you know what everything is and how it works, you can leave BDS to do the hard work for you. Our team can do everything from updating Ancillaries to overhauling your whole loading bay system. BDS offers aftersales services too, so we will be able to work you through every stage of the process.

Bridge Door Systems work with different door systems daily, so you are in the best hands possible! Covering both the North East and North West, our team will bring the best out of your loading bay.

BDS welcome phone-ins, emails, and walk-ins, so you will be in contact with our team in no time. Contact us here,  and we will be here to improve your loading bay as soon as possible.