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Loading Bay & Commercial Installations Ely, East Cambridgeshire


It goes without saying that Bridge Door Systems know exactly how to carry out Loading Bay & Commercial Door Installations. One of our most recent jobs was working on a new packing plant for a large agricultural facility in Ely.

Bridge Door Systems Ltd was approached by the main contractor. Initially, this was to assist with the design of the site loading bay and door systems.

This came as a result of our history of repairing and installing loading bay equipment. Specifically, we have been specialists in dock levelers, shelters, bumpers, ancillaries, and design & installation. As a result, it is no surprise that our customers would put this level of trust in our team of engineers.

Loading Bay & Commercial Door Installations

As with every project, our customer’s requests and preferences are the only priority. Thankfully our expertise and knowledge are always here for the benefit of our customer’s commercial door systems.

Using this vast knowledge and experience, the BDS design team was able to successfully design the required solutions for the end user. We were able to meet the customers’ operational requirements within the allocated budget. Off the back of the design sign-off, BDS was awarded the contract for the supply, installation & commissioning of the:

– 4 x full loading bay systems

– 4 x high-speed self-repairing zip doors

– 5 x sectional door systems (vertical & high lift)

– 2 x tube motor roller shutters

– 9 x single steel hinged door sets

– 2 x double steel hinged door sets

Breaking this down

With each loading bay install, we take into account a number of factors from traffic specifications to the condition of old equipment. This evaluation allows us to better the new full loading bay systems in almost every department. The end result, in this case, was four identical systems complimented by high-speed self-repairing zip doors.

Sectional Overhead Door Systems are one of our most popular commercial door systems year after year. In this project, our customer requested for them to be vertical with a high lift for the sake of the delivery vehicles. Just to note, these come in both vertical and horizontal models depending on the vehicles.

Another of our most popular door systems added to this project were the 11 steel-hinged door systems needed. The purpose for them in this case was purely for security and protection, to safety proof this new investment. Essentially, as long as these are shut there is no way into the property when the owners are away.


What can BDS do for your Commercial Property?

As we have been doing for many years, Bridge Door Systems will be able to install commercial security doors. These come in so many different sizes and forms, a simple scroll of our homepage will show this. From door systems to gate systems, we do the job!

The best way to get in contact with us is by filling out our contact form. By filling this out you will be able to tell us your idea for your property. In addition to, you are providing us with all of the necessary contact information for our team to get in touch with you.

Loading Bay & Commercial Door Installations Loading Bay & Commercial Door Installations