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IPAF: Industrial Doors Manufacturing Accreditation

IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) provide safety training for the use of powered access equipment. This is carried out by technical advice and training courses. For the safety of both workers and companies alike. Over 150,000 train for a PAL Card every year, and with 750+ training centres worldwide.

Unlike other accreditation, these are international, with successful trainees and apprentices being awarded the PAL Card. Overall, this is the most recognised construction license across the globe. Proving quality workmanship with power equipment.

Being such a popular and reflective accreditation, Bridge Door Systems, of course take it very seriously. With all of the power equipment we use for our door systems, this is a must-have for our team. Helping us with every one of our different projects.


IPAF Accreditation – Bridge Door Systems

There are many different ways of succeeding with IPAF. But it all depends which route you want to take. Above all, the most popular choice is taking a MEWP, MCWP or Hoist training course.

As a company, IPAF doesn’t formally conduct these programmes and instead are carried out by our approved partners.

Additionally, if you are looking for flexibility whilst maintaining an advanced learning service: try IPAF eLearning. All of our courses base judgement on both written and practical examination.

Both our North East and North West teams recognise the significance of IPAF Accreditation. To maintain both efficiency and safety, IPAF’s PAL Cards are a worthy reflection of the standard of our workers. Accreditation are always a point of interests when it comes to recruiting the best team possible.

Whether its a gate or door system, your business needs to be kept secure.  So, invest wisely with Bridge Door Systems. Who have the best system investments on the market.

BDS don’t just make you purchase the system, but the expert installation and maintenance services too!