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IPAF Accreditation

The IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) are a training company who have a number of different courses. No matter the position or role you want to be within the industry, they will have a suitable course. Compared to other courses, most of our courses only take a matter of days.

IPAF have training centres not just around the UK, but around Europe to develop aspiring construction workers.  Here in these centres you can take a classroom course, or if it’s more convenient for you choose an eLearning course. This is followed by a practical assessment at the end of the course, which will earn you the PAL card.

Bridge Door Systems certainly take this training seriously when it comes to employing. Safety comes first at BDS, which makes accreditation like this very important to not just us but our customers.

All of their Different Courses

Firstly, IPAF do more than just the IPAF training courses as they have a course for each area of expertise. Specific courses like the MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) course for the use and operation of them. Additionally, there is also Hoist training courses too in order to use transport platforms in a project.

Another example is the MCWP (Mast Climbing Work Platforms) courses. These will allow you to plan, operate and supervise elevated work platforms for more complicated jobs.

IPAF’s eLearning courses are carried out too, saving you time at the training centres. You can do all of your theory from home, but the practical will only be a half day at their centre. This is certainly ideal for any

What is the PAL Card?

As mentioned a few times on this page already, the PAL Card is held in high regard within our industry. PAL (Powered Access Licence) Cards basically establish that you are capable of working on MEWP, MCWP and similar projects. These need to be renewed every five years, to ensure workers can be trusted to work on them.

The PAL Card is basically your work ID; however, you won’t physically need it for each and every job. This is because you can download the PAL Card app and have the accreditation on your phone. Best of all, 51 countries accept this card with IPAF distributing over 2 million of them.

IPAF’s ePal app makes it all the more convenient to show your experience to customers and employers alike. Store your licenses, industry experience and qualifications all in one handy place for easy access.

BDS Accreditations: IPAF Training

Bridge Door Systems having the presence we have, takes into account a variety of different accreditation and experience. This certainly applies to IPAF training and their PAL Cards, among other qualifications. In short, put together BDS and IPAF can ease you into the industry without any hiccups along the way.

If you are in need of a reliable door, gate or even barrier installation get in touch with BDS. Our team are always available, no matter if it’s a quick enquiry or long discussion about your system. Best of all, boasting all these different accreditations and experience there really isn’t any better!