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Insulated Roller Shutters and Doors

If you’re looking for a high quality roller shutter that not only provides a sense of security but also can be used for internal climate control then you need insulated roller shutters. Bridge Door Systems are your roller shutter specialists in both the North West and North East. Our Engineers are able to tackle any door system, being able to update and install brand-new door systems.

An insulated door comes with increased climate control benefits. This is due to retaining the warmth which adds up to healthier energy savings in the long run. Our Roller Shutters will also be able to withstand any weather conditions too.

On top of this, Insulated Roller Shutters are excellent for acoustic insulation; perfect on busy industrial estates. Thus, making them ideal for loud industrial estates with several different businesses.


Insulated Roller Shutters and Doors Installation Service

Bridge Door Systems insulated roller shutters are available in 3 different lath sizes held together using nylon end locks. 77mm & 95mm lath is foam injected which is the lighted option allowing for smaller barrel and motor.

The 100mm lath offers a heavier duty door. Which is constructed using a double skin lath filled with a polystyrene insert. All types are tested to wind class 5 offering full protection (BS EN 12444:2001).

Even with the most tedious requirements, BDS don’t just get the job done, but get it done well!

Industrial Door System

How do Insulated Roller Shutters work?

The majority of our insulated roller doors are electrically operated and the motors that we use are suitable for high usage. Our use of inverters means the roller shutter has a long life span and will need less servicing as less stress is being put on all the different door parts and components. And of course offers the durability through its thick material, to be the ideal purchase for security.

However, it isnt just the shutters which are top quality. The BDS team have been fitting shutters for years, after being thoroughly trained. If you want your roller shutters lasting you decades, get in touch with BDS.

BDS Installations

BDS have two offices, one based in Radcliffe, Manchester and a secondary base in the North East, in Sedge Field. Having two offices allows Bridge Door Systems to cover the majority of both the North West and North East. We are well-regarded across the North, gaining more and more new customers each year.

If you think your building would benefit from insulated roller shutters, please get in touch with one of our team today.